walmart healthy food initiative

Walmart's Big, Healthy Move Bypasses Organics

The world's largest retailer is pledging to improve your healthy food choices (yay), but their initiative leaves out the healthiest food you can buy (boo).

Walmart's Big, Healthy Move Bypasses Organics

First lady Michelle Obama praised Walmart's healthy food initiative as "a great victory" for healthier eating.

RODALE NEWS, EMMAUS, PA—Thursday morning, the world's largest retailer announced that it's using its corporate clout to trim the waistlines and boost the heart health of the American public. At a press conference in Washington, Walmart executives pledged to cut the sodium content of processed foods by 25 percent, remove all trans fats and hydrogenated oils from packaged goods, and cut added sugars by 10 percent by the year 2015. By requiring that food makers follow these guidelines in order to sell their wares in its stores, Walmart's healthy food initiative is imposing new standards on the food industry. Healthier reformulations of packaged foods has been predicted as a key food trend in 2011.

"I'm thrilled about Walmart's new nutrition charter," first lady Michelle Obama, who spoke at the event, said of the new guidelines. "I believe this charter is a huge victory for folks all across this country, but most of all, it's a victory for our children." Walmart described their healthy food initiative as building on the success of Mrs. Obama's Let's Move campaign; last spring, the first lady directly challenged food makers to make and market healthier food.

THE DETAILS: Walmart's new plan is a five-pronged approach to not only make food healthier, but also make healthier food more affordable. Invoking the company's "save money, live better" slogan, Leslie Dock, executive vice president for corporate affairs, said, "Living better means finding foods that will help families live better lives and find those foods at prices they can afford."

The five parts of Walmart's healthy food initiative include:

• Cutting out the sugar, fat, and salt. Walmart is asking its suppliers to cut 25 percent of the sodium from 45 categories of foods, ranging from frozen waffles and TV dinners to breads, canned soups, condiments, and even cottage cheese. They're asking suppliers to cut 10 percent of the sugar from those same categories of foods as well as fruit juices and sodas, and they're pledging to remove any remaining trans fats and partially hydrogenated oils from processed goods.

• Lowering the price of healthier foods. The company is also responding to customer complaints that healthier foods are always more expensive by lowering the prices on fresh fruits and vegetables in its stores, estimating that the move will save its 140 million weekly customers $1 billion a year. To do this, the company plans to build more direct relationships with farmers and eliminate unnecessary costs in its supply chain, said Andrea Thomas, senior vice president for sustainability. Walmart also plans to reduce, and in some cases even eliminate, the price premium on "better for you" foods, such as whole wheat pasta or low-sodium soups, that currently cost more than their less-healthy counterparts.

• Creating a front-of-package labeling system. Jumping on a recent food-industry trend, Walmart wants to make its own healthy-food nutrition labeling system. Aware of the controversies surrounding existing systems like Smart Choices (which garnered a great deal of criticism for appearing on junk foods like Froot Loops and Fudgsicles), the company seems to be exercising some caution here. The labeling system will appear on only a small number of food items, which haven't yet been identified.

• Moving into food deserts and increasing funding for nutrition education. The last two elements of Walmart's plan involve putting some form of its stores into inner-city food deserts—places lacking access to affordable, healthy food—and providing more funding for nutrition education programs. The company provided little detail on the latter, but regarding the former, Thomas said that increasing availability of healthy food in food deserts will drive costs down for everyone. "The reality is that as more people start eating healthier, healthier eating becomes more affordable to all," she said.

WHAT IT MEANS: There's no disputing the fact that, as the world's largest retailer shifts, so do the winds of change. "Because it is the biggest player in retail food sales, anything it does reverberates through the industry and other grocery chains will have to follow suit," says Marion Nestle, PhD, MPH, Paulette Goddard Professor in the department of nutrition, food studies, and public health at New York University and author of What to Eat (North Point Press, 2006). Walmart estimates that its sodium reduction alone will cut 47 million pounds of sodium out of American diets; that's equivalent to the sodium intake of every resident of New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Such improvements benefit everyone, especially now that the American Heart Association just halved its recommendations for daily sodium intake, reducing the previously recommended 2,300 milligrams per day to 1,500 for healthy adults.

Be your own Walmart! You can implement the healthy changes that Walmart has announced, and you don't have to wait until 2015. Here's how:

• Cut down on the salt in your diet at when eating at restaurants and when cooking at home.
• Break free of sugar addiction and watch out for hidden sugar.
• Learn how to save money at the supermarket and be aware of the tricks used to make you spend more at the grocery store.
• Join a CSA program and shop at a local farmer's market.
• Donate to a local food bank.

But we have to ask, do these measures go far enough? "Making better-for-you junk foods doesn't necessarily make them good for you," Nestle points out. Still, says Peggy Neu, president of the Monday Campaigns, a health initiative of the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University, "It’s a huge step forward for Walmart to make these changes, even if they don’t go as far as some would like. It’s easy for health advocates to call for change, but a lot harder when there’s real business on the line." Diane Salvatore, editor-in-chief of Prevention magazine, stated, "Walmart's new program is nothing short of revolutionary, and shows extraordinary leadership on what is arguably the most pressing health issue in America today: how to make eating more healthfully easier and more affordable."

Nestle says she's more encouraged by Walmart's efforts to lower prices on fresh fruits and vegetables. "The indexed price of fruits and vegetables has increased by 40 percent since 1980, whereas the indexed price of sodas has gone down by nearly as much," she says. "Walmart's attempt to reduce this discrepancy could be a really important step forward."

Absent from the announcement, however, was any language devoted to organic foods. Walmart offers a variety of organic goods, but there was no mention of whether those would fall under the category of "better for you" foods for which Walmart will be lowering prices (the company didn't respond to our requests for comment on organics by press time). Yet, according to the President's Cancer Panel report released last July, organics are key to a truly healthy diet for everyone, not just those who are willing to pay a premium. "If you're talking about healthy eating, which of the two is healthier—conventional whole wheat pasta or organic whole wheat pasta? " says Mark Smallwood, executive director at The Rodale Institute. "Lower the price on the one that is truly the healthiest," he adds. After all, pesticides used to grow that wheat, and all the other healthy produce Walmart will be lowering prices on, have been linked to ADHD, autism, cancer, Parkinson's disease, and a variety of other ills.

There's plenty to like in the Walmart healthy food initiative. But if we want this first step to be followed by more positive moves, the responsibility lies with us. As first lady Obama pointed out in her remarks, it was parents and consumers who drove Walmart to make these nutrition and price changes, and, Nestle adds, "consumers need to pressure Walmart to include organics in these initiatives." So continue to Demand Organic, whether you shop at Walmart or your corner deli.


Published on: January 20, 2011

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Congratulations to Walmart in

Congratulations to Walmart in having this initiative. There are more and more companies that are willing to adapt to the new changes that are facing the food industries. The most recent is McDonald's who is trying to change their menu for kids. Berkey filters have a reasonable offer to change the water quality, so things are improving and they are going in the right direction.

Having an online health

Having an online health administration degree made me see things different. I am more careful what I am eating and what kind of food I am giving to my family. I am totally agree with this: making better-for-you junk foods doesn't necessarily make them good for you. It is not enough to improve junk food, they have to improve the quality of the food.

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A little more research......

I think a little more research would have helped this article and prevented it from being a knee-jerk "Walmart is bad" piece.

A little more research would have led the writer to discover that Walmart is already the world's largest buyer of organic cotton and the world's largest seller of organic milk. Walmart already stocks hundreds of organic products and, later this year, will launch a Sustainable Produce Assessment "This will help us learn about the water, energy, fertilizer and pesticide used per unit of food produced".

The writer should also spend some time investigating Walmart's Heritage Agriculture Program.

I am not a shill for Walmart and there are many things that Walmart could improve. However suggesting, as you do in this article, that Walmart cares nothing for organics is just plain wrong.

Wal-Mart Stock Healthy Foods???

I always shutter in fear when I hear Wal-Mart say they are lowering prices. Pay attention. Every time you hear that, they are in the process of raising prices. Big time. And where do they get off dictating what we can and cannot eat. I'm totally in favor of healthy food choices, which means organic, but I'm not adverse to junk now and then, and it really ticks me off that corporations and our government are trying to dictate what we eat. I agree thoroughly with Zephyr. And Wal-Mart is out for publicity. If they want to do something to actually help, quit stocking China goods hand over fist, and help the people in this country have jobs and therefore money to spend by stocking American-made goods. Wal-Mart isn't doing a thing to help anyone but Wal-Mart. Guess they'll start stocking ChemPest bars, the newest snack treat invented by Wal-Mart. No sugar, no carbohydrates, absolutely NO fattening ingredients at all. Just a few toxic chemicals with a good heavy coating of pesticides. (Their idea of a good-for-you snack).


Hmm, one posting says Walmart is playing G-d? I wonder,,where folks are more and more addicted to sugars, sodiums, artificial sweeteners, and if that is all that is out there for them to buy,,where is the choice of an addict?? I see that they are not going far enough,,,they also should not sell GMO or GE grown foods. and they should also make organic foods more available at comparable prices to the non organics. This would be a way to improve the health of everyone who desires to eat healthy life sustaining foods.It is rare that a big chain store will take the first steps towards retailer responsibility for their customers.


I always say it's a love/hate affair with Walmart. It's about the only place for me to shop living in a small town. They are trying to please their customers and I'm glad that they are taking the initiative. I think there will still be plenty of junkfood to find if you have to have your fix but I'm all for more healthy choices. Farmer's markets are great but not in January in the midwest. So besides the produce I put away canned or frozen for my family, am I supposed to do without or go to the store? Most people are going to look at the bottom line and shop where they can get the most bang for their buck.

Walmart playing God?

This should be interesting..while it's a good concept it is also yet another instance of trying to remove the freedom of choice from it's citizens that this country was fuonded on...after all we Americans are just too dumb to make 'the right' decision apparently! Sooo, Walmart who doesn't give a flying fart if they support the US anymore by buying and selling only US goods will now sell not only Chinese flip flops that contain toxic chemicals that rot the flesh on your feet, but they will, in order to 'sell healthy cheaper' sell you tainted, shottily regulated Chinese foods for not only your dog bowl but YOUR bowl as well...No thanks Walmart--there is a REASON I DO NOT SHOP AT YOUR STORES!! When Sam died, the greedy kids were ONLY interested in making a buck at any cost! If you truly want to eat smarter, AND support your fellow citizen--buy FRESH, LOCAL produce and organics from your local farmers market and learn to 'eat in season'. It's not easy, but it REALLY is true if you move in that direction a step at a time you will get there. My kids and I have cut out fast food and slowly cut back on breads and processed items. Shopping at my local grocer, who supports local farmers AND labels all produce as to its country of origin so I can at least make an informed consumer decision (this is a law by the way-they are supposed to do that, but it's poorly enforced which is why you DO NOT see every item labeled int he big chain stores OR Walmart--they don't want you to know where it's coming from!) Once you have made the switch the biggest thing I think you'll notice is how much easier and faster shopping is when you go in and only hit the produce section and maybe the dairy/meat area on occassion. (We have chosen to cut back on meat consumption as well, due to all the crap big business farms are pumping into the critters they sell the populous for their dinner plates). I have LOST WEIGHT, without trying or bothering to count calories by making the slow change to this healthier lifestyle.

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