vinegar home remedies

8 Nifty Uses for Vinegar

Vinegar may keep people from accumulating too much belly fat—it can also defend you from jellyfish and slugs, and keep your hair from turning green.

The uses for vinegar just keep growing. A study out of Japan has found that rats given vinegar, whether made from rice, grapes, barley, or even bananas, were less prone to accumulate body fat. The jury’s still out on whether or not scientists will see similar effects in humans. In the meantime, pour some vinegar-based dressing on your salads and check out some other uses for vinegar that can make your live easier! Aside from the standard uses in household cleaning—a mix of 1 part vinegar and 9 parts water will kill germs and clean just about any surface—here are eight other ways to use that bottle you’ve got stashed in your cabinet:

1. Deodorant replacement.
Dabbing apple cider vinegar under your arms after you shower may inhibit odor-causing bacteria on your skin, according to the book Natural Healing with Cider Vinegar (Sterling Publishing, 1998).

2. Cure for jellyfish stings.
Several studies have found that the acetic acid in vinegar counteracts the stinging and pain caused by jellyfish venom, and a study published in The Medical Journal of Australia found that vinegar applied to tentacles left in your skin will not only cut the pain, but also prevent the release of more venom. Toss a bottle in your beach bag before you hit the ocean this summer.

3. Car deodorizer.
Going on a long car trip? Store a bottle of white distilled vinegar and a bowl in the trunk of your car. Leaving a bowl of the pungent stuff in a car overnight will remove any odors left behind by a carsick passenger, according to, a pro-vinegar website created by liquid-condiment makers Mikan Americas Inc.

4. Swimmer’s hair antidote.
If you get in a lot of pool time this summer and notice that the chlorine is giving your hair a greenish tint, you can fix the problem by rinsing your hair in a mixture of ¼ cup cider vinegar and 1 pint water.

5. Fighter of foot odor and athlete’s foot.
Both conditions can be improved by soaking your feet in undiluted apple cider vinegar. For foot odor, give them a 10-minute vinegar bath once a day, and for athlete’s foot, dab at the affected area with a cotton ball soaked in vinegar a few times per day. At the end of the day, soak your socks in vinegar for a half hour, as well, to kill the fungus.

6. Hand stain remover.
Sure, white vinegar is a tried-and-true stain remover for clothing. But the next time your hands are stained by berries, try rubbing them with white vinegar, too.

7. Antioxidant adder.
Speaking of berries, soak your summer strawberries in a little red wine vinegar, which has just as many healthy antioxidants as red wine and grape juice.

8. Repellant of cats, rabbits, weeds, and slugs.
Plagued by rabbits devouring your garden, or a cat that makes a litter box out of your sandbox or flowerbeds? Keep rabbits away by soaking cotton balls in vinegar and sprinkling them around flower beds in locations where rabbits are likely to enter (some remedies even recommend soaking corn cobs and burying them near Thumper’s entry points). For cats, spray undiluted vinegar along the perimeter of flowerbeds or sandboxes to keep them out. In both cases, remember to reapply the vinegar solution every few weeks or after it rains.

You can also spray undiluted white vinegar on dandelions to kill them without adding unhealthy chemicals to your lawn. And if you have slugs or snails munching on your foliage, patrol the garden at night with a spray bottle full of a 50:50 mix of white vinegar and water. Zap any slimers you see.


Published on: June 24, 2009

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Wow! I never thought vinegar

Wow! I never thought vinegar could be used in all these things. Thanks for sharing.
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Vinegar and wasps

I remember seeing a long time ago on tv that vinegar helps with wasp stings. Got stung the other day, guess what? It works! So that's another use. Doug, from papasan chair

Benefits of Vinegar

Here are a few more: try zapping ant trails by spraing where you find them, also can try as a gopher repellant by finding their holes and spraying. A lot of benefits of different things found at a cute site at the link, such as benefits of juicing.

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Belly fat?

No where in your article did I find mention of accumulation of belly fat, except of course for the misleading headline. I thought the Men's Health covers were bad.

It is important

I had black beans and white rice with some apple cider vinrgar mixed together with 4 glasses of red wine. I usually start feeling the effects of the red wine after one glass. I did not feel anything what so ever. Strange!!!! So, is there some kind of reaction to the two?
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I use it in my dishwashing rinse cycle (where the rinse agent goes). It does a better job than chemical rinse agents, and is dirt cheap. It also cleans the "crud" off the corners of my dishwasher.

Rice and wine

If you eat rice and drink alcohol, the rice will absorb the alcohol, thus reducing the effects..

jellyfish sting relief

white vinegar really works for jellyfish sting.


apple or white vinager?


Organic Apple cider vinegar

Dip paper towels in & wrap over the ringworm It will burn but that's good - it means it's working. Leave on for 20 minutes

Do three times a day

It kills it on humans & animals


An associate recommended vinegar for heartburn. I was sure he was just busting my chops, but I tried it anyway.... It works wonders. It is unpleasant going down, but works like a charm. I have had heartburn issues for years. Vinegar takes away the burn in about 2 minutes...and yes, way better for you than scripts.

Vinegar and weight loss

When I was younger in my teens, my mom,dad and I were all overweight. There was this diet that we went on and it included about 1 tblsp of vinegar to 6-8 oz of water that we would drink everyday. We did lose weight. I don't know what and how this effected the diet. Possibly to burn fat, since citrus fruits are suppose to do that. Try it. It may help.

Uses of vinegar

I've been using distilled white vinegar as a fabric softener. My sheets feel wonderful.

Vinegar to treat skunk spray

I haven't tried vinegar for this problem, but our vet told us that bathing your dog/cat in feminine douche also works to eliminate the oils in snunk spray. We used this method on our dog when she got sprayed, and it worked wonderfully. Just be careful around the eyes/nose/mouth areas. Cover these areas with a washcloth while bathing the head of your pet.

uses of vinegar

it is also really fun watching it bubble


Drink 1/2-1 ounce of Organic Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar as soon as you feel heartburn coming on. If you dont want the afterburn, you can dilute with 1/2 cup of water. Works like a charm every time, but I will not lie to you, it is pretty unpleasant going down. WAY BETTER THAN THE PRECRIPTIONS THOUGH!! THOSE WILL KILL YOU!

probably not a vinegar reaction

I would suggest checking the label of the wine. You might have picked up a bottle of non-alcoholic wine accidently (which I have done and can attest to!). Just a thought

vinegar and sore joints.

1 or 2 table spoons of Apple cider vinegar mixed in 8oz. water and drunk 1 or 2 times a day is welcome relief from sore joints. It useualy takes about a week for my joints to start fealing relief after starting this regiment. I have found that 1 table spoon of apple cider vinegar with the water 1 time per day is about all my stomach can handle. Any stronger, it tends to be a little rough. I only take it for a couple of weeks and quit till i notice the old inflamation creeping back in. I think it has a positive effect on cholesterol also.


Also, vinegar removes the smell from a skunk. If your animal is sprayed by a skunk then just put the animal in the bath tub and wash with white vinegar. The spray is like an oily brown coating which will come right off. Everyone says to use tomato juice but actually vinegar does the trick everytime.


I rub white vinegar over poison oak, then dab with a bit of baking soda. Do this two or three times and the poison oak will go away.

white vinegar

I use 1 cup white vinegar to a gallon of warm water to mop floors with. It not only cleans, but also disenfects, and deoroizes.


Thank you so much i love vinegar.
There many times i use it to wash my glasses.
I am going to use the other ideas

Thank you


Fire ant sting relief

I dab ammonia on the sting as soon as possible. It really helps with the itching and pain and will prevent the pustule from forming if applied within a few minutes. I've read that ammonia breaks down the protein structure of the fire ant venom.

smell answer

The smell of he vinegar will dissipate once the vinegar dries. I use it to do all my cleaning and the smell is gone within half an hour.

Burn Remedy

1 part vinegar, one part water. soak a soft washcloth and apply to burnt area. Takes the heat out of burns. Wether it be sunburn, cooking burn etc or even jellyfish stings.

Fire ants

Is there anything to stop the itching of fire ant bites or better yet stop them from biting.

dandruff cure

vinegar applied to the scalp helps get rid of dandruff

vinegar tea

mix 1 to 2 tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar and 1 tablespoon of honey (optional) and add hot water. Sip and Sip
ENJOY. Best in the mornings or maybe late at night. Good for feeling mucousey, flu, stomach ache.

getting rid of LICE

the best use of all for white vinegar is in removing LICE from hair!! simply get a metal lice comb and a glass of white vinegar, dip the comb into the vinegar and comb through hair, dip it back into vinegar and shake off lice and do it again. empty and refill glass when it is full of lice and nits and keep going through hair until your glass remains clear. The vinegar lossens the glue of the nits allowing you to 100% clean the hair. This is safe and effective and you are left with beautiful shinny hair!! NEVER use chemicals again - they don't work and are toxic.

Vinegar Smell

I have a question. I love the smell of vinegar, but my family does not. I was wondering if any of these remedies have a "vinegar smell" or if the addition of other ingredients mask the smell. Thanks



apple cider vinegar counteracts the effects of red wine

I had black beans and white rice with some apple cider vinrgar mixed together with 4 glasses of red wine. I usually start feeling the effects of the red wine after one glass. I did not feel anything what so ever. Strange!!!! So, is there some kind of reaction to the two?

vinegar use

Pour 1 cup of vinegar in your bath water it kills bacteria and fungus from your feet and toe nails.

uses of vinegar

Vinegar and water is also great to wash your windows with and use newspaper is dry them off.

weed killer

Pickling vinegar sprayed on weeds is a great weedkiller. Be careful of overspray and use the cheapest you can find.

Green hair myth.

"If you get in a lot of pool time this summer and notice that the chlorine is giving your hair a greenish tint..."

Slight correction about #4. Not disputing the use of vinegar, but the myth of chlorine turning your hair green. Chlorine does not turn anyone's hair green. Chlorine bleaches your hair and oxidizes metals in the water. It is these metals in the water (e.g. copper), which turn your hair green.

uses of vinegar

vinegar and baking soda is great for unclogging sinks.c

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