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The 4 Biggest Clutter Culprits in Your Home (And What to Do About It)

What you can do:

5 Calm-Down Drinks that Will Relax You, Naturally

What you can do: Try warm milk, herbs, and other natural remedies when you want to relax.

Your Holiday Yoga Survival Guide

What you can do: Try these yoga moves to ease yourself back into the workweek, and keep using them throughout the holiday season.

5 Signs You’re Headed for a Holiday Breakdown

What you can do: Start your day with a pause, put your anxieties on paper, jingle the bells of that special someone.

6 Weird Signs that You're Way Too Stressed Out

What you can do: Take note of sudden in your physical health to see if stress could be a factor, and then find ways to cope.

Mind-Body-Mood Advisor: Why You Should Breathe Like a Baby

What you can do: Learn to practice diaphragmatic breathing, which helps reduce stress and calm your nervous system.

Soothe Holiday Stress with a 1,000-Year-Old Trick

What you can do:

Leave Stress Behind with Mindful Walking

What you can do: When stress strikes, get on your feet and clear your mind with this easy form of walking meditation.

Why Your Dead Grandmother Is Driving You Crazy

What you can do:

Escape from Stress by Walking a Labyrinth (or Creating One)

What you can do: Check online for a nearby labyrinth, or create your own out of natural materials.

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