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How to Create an Easy-Access Garden

What you can do: Plan a garden that has non-slippery pathways and raised beds, and choose tools that accommodate the gardener's special needs.

5 Minutes Outside Can Boost Your Mood

What you can do: Find ways to get 5 minutes of outdoor exposure into your day: A quick walk or a short gardening session is really all it takes.

Becoming Ecofriendler Could Make You More Attractive!

What you can do: Have more fun, buy less stuff. Your acquaintances will think more highly of you, and the planet will thank you as well.

Open Life Like a Gift

What you can do:

The Key to Weight Loss? Write It Down

What you can do: To make it past the "four-week barrier," write down everything you eat, and find someone who will offer you support and keep you motivated.

What’s It Take to Be Happy? Not Much

What you can do: Appreciate sincere emotion when you feel it in your gut; seek out tiny moments of gratitude and positive energy.

Happiness: The Infection Everyone Wants to Catch

What you can do: Cultivate happiness in yourself; expose yourself to happiness from others.

Houseplants Can Make You Happy

What you can do: Buy, adopt, or grow a houseplant to cultivate your overall well-being.

Antidepressants Linked to Birth Defects

What you can do: Talk to your doctor about taking antidepressants during pregnancy, and consider a drug-free alternative.

Focusing on the Future Can Improve Your Health

What you can do: Hang around with long-term thinkers so their habits will rub off on you.

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