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World's Largest Home-Improvement Retailer Ditches Toxic Floor Chemical

What you can do:

Testing Shows Widespread Contamination in Food

What you can do:

The New Problem with Your Dinner

What you can do:

Proof at Last: Avoiding Plastic Lowers Your BPA Levels

What you can do:

Lower Your Body's Chemical Burden: Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

What you can do: Even if you don’t go completely vegetarian, eat organic produce and meats to keep phthalates and antibiotics out of your body.

Study Suggests We're Eating Shampoo Chemicals

What you can do: Opt for whole, organic foods as much as possible to sidestep plastic chemicals used in food processing and packaging.

Green Home Expert Points Out Toxic Hot Spots [with VIDEO]

What you can do: To green your home and get rid of toxic offenders, start with the area under your sink. Switch out dangerous cleaners for safer ones, or make your own.

Study: Candle Chemicals Pollute Indoor Air

What you can do: Use clean-burning beeswax, and keep the wick clipped to keep chemicals and soot from hindering indoor air quality.

Smart Cleaning Banishes Toxic Household Dust

What you can do: Deal with dust by cleaning in the safest, most effective way possible; avoid installing vinyl flooring and chemical air fresheners.

The Surprising Threat to Baby Boys in Your Home

What you can do:

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