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Stronger Storms, Aggravated Allergies: Climate Chaos Is Hammering Your Health

What you can do: Prep for more allergens, ticks, poison ivy, and other consequences of climate chaos.

Report: No. 1 Health Threat = Rapidly Changing Climate

What you can do: Tell your reps to support legislation that will aggressively seek to drive carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere down to 350 ppm or lower.

Mosquito-Borne Dengue Fever Makes a Comeback in the U.S.

What you can do:

3 Freaky Reasons Bug Bites Are Getting Worse

What you can do:

4 Natural Alternatives to Toxic Mosquito Repellents

What you can do: Get effective and safe mosquito protection by pairing smart tactics, like wearing long sleeves and pants, with plant-based mosquito sprays.

The New Statistic You Can't Afford to Ignore

What you can do:

New Report: Disease-Carrying Mosquitoes on the Rise in the U.S.

What you can do: Get rid of stagnant water, support natural mosquito fighters, and avoid contributing to global warming.

5 Surprising Mosquito Repellents

What you can do: Leave the chemical sprays in the garage this Memorial Day, and recruit bats, bacteria, and pigs to help you out.

Defend Yourself against Mosquitoes—and Mosquito Abatement Programs

What you can do: Find out how your community handles mosquito abatement, so you’ll be prepared—and protected—come summer.

Coming to a Yard Near You: Supermosquitoes

What you can do: Dump out any stagnant water in your yard, and create a rainwater-friendly backyard to assist stormwater systems.

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