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The Simple Trick That Strengthens Your Brain

What you can do:

Before You Vote, Do This

What you can do:

6 Surprising Benefits of Meditation

What you can do:

Leave Stress Behind with Mindful Walking

What you can do: When stress strikes, get on your feet and clear your mind with this easy form of walking meditation.

Escape from Stress by Walking a Labyrinth (or Creating One)

What you can do: Check online for a nearby labyrinth, or create your own out of natural materials.

Secret Weapons Stop Pain and Depression

What you can do: Practice meditation and relaxation techniques to control pain, and schedule an evaluation to see if your chronic pain is linked to depression.

Work Worries Could Cost You a Sick Day

What you can do: Managing job stress and learning to make yourself indispensable at work can help reduce stress in the workplace and keep you healthier.

Working Late Takes a Toll on Your Brain

What you can do: Cut down on the multitasking, and focus on tasks for 90 minutes at a time.

Mind-Body-Mood Advisor: Rewire Your Brain for Health and Happiness

What you can do: Learn simple meditation techniques that you can use every day.

Mind-Body-Mood Advisor: Beat the Flu with Your Mind!

What you can do: Try a daily mindfulness meditation exercise, both to beat the flu now and to gain long-term defenses against stress and the challenges of life.

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