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Mind-Body-Mood Advisor: Want to Get Better? Replace Judgment with Forgiveness

What you can do:

Mind-Body-Mood Advisor: How to Lighten Seasonal Depression

What you can do: Get as much light as you can, but also use exercise, nutrition, and other strategies that will ease seasonal depression.

Mind-Body-Mood Advisor: Why You Should Breathe Like a Baby

What you can do: Learn to practice diaphragmatic breathing, which helps reduce stress and calm your nervous system.

How to Cure Fear of Surgery

What you can do: Talk with hospital staff before you go in; take the time to find answers to any questions or concerns you have.

Leave Stress Behind with Mindful Walking

What you can do: When stress strikes, get on your feet and clear your mind with this easy form of walking meditation.

Mind-Body-Mood Advisor: The Magic Medicine that Everyone Should Try

What you can do: Start an exercise program you can actually stick to.

Mind-Body-Mood Advisor: Will the Gov't Pay You to Be Healthy?

What you can do: Remember the ways that healthy behaviors lower your risk of disease—but focus on the more immediate payoffs, like happiness, pleasure, and energy.

Mind-Body-Mood Advisor: Why You Should Ride Like a Dane

What you can do: Use your bicycle for short trips or commuting, and get the benefits of exercise without thinking of it as exercise.

How to Make Resolutions You Can Keep

What you can do: Use the S.M.A.R.T. method for making and keeping new year's resolutions that will improve your health and well-being.

Overcome Anything with the Secret of Resilience

What you can do: When you feel overwhelmed by a crisis, get in touch with the reserves of confidence and wisdom that will help see you through.

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