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Mind-Body-Mood Advisor: Why You Should Ride Like a Dane

What you can do: Use your bicycle for short trips or commuting, and get the benefits of exercise without thinking of it as exercise.

10 Tactics for Overcoming Sugar Addiction

What you can do:

Seven Keys to a Satisfying Marriage

What you can do: Make the positive outweigh the negative, express appreciation often, and follow five other key strategies for a strong marriage.

Mind-Body-Mood Advisor: Should Your School-Age Child have an IPad?

What you can do: Manage your child's computer use at home by setting appropriate boundaries; never let a grade-schooler have a social network account.

Mind-Body-Mood Advisor: Your Unhealthy Diet Isn't Your Fault

What you can do: Stop blaming yourself for not eating the way you know you should; understand the reasons for your choices so you can follow some easy healthy eating tips.

Mind-Body-Mood Advisor: Will the Gov't Pay You to Be Healthy?

What you can do: Remember the ways that healthy behaviors lower your risk of disease—but focus on the more immediate payoffs, like happiness, pleasure, and energy.

Mind-Body-Mood Advisor: The Magic Medicine that Everyone Should Try

What you can do: Start an exercise program you can actually stick to.

Mind-Body-Mood Advisor: Seven Strategies for Detoxing Your Body

What you can do:

Mind-Body-Mood Advisor: The Power Of Breath

What you can do:

Mind-Body-Mood Advisor: Want to Get Better? Replace Judgment with Forgiveness

What you can do:

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