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Flu Masks: What You Need to Know

What you can do: Have a few N95 masks on hand, but don’t bust them out until they’re needed.

Stay Home or Get Sick Again

What you can do: As soon as you’re feeling ill, let your employers know so they have as much advance notice as possible. Then stay home and recover.

10 Ways to Defend Your Mind and Body from the New Flu

What you can do: Keep the outbreak in perspective, and wash your hands the way germ experts do.

Report: Air Not Fit to Breathe for 60 Percent of U.S. Population

What you can do: Pick up the phone to tell your officials to support clean energy for cleaner air.

How to Keep Swine Flu Out of Your House

What you can do: Wash your hands—the proper way—often. Mix up a homemade formula that wipes out flu germs.

Emergency Declared as Swine Flu Outbreaks are Studied

What you can do: Wash your hands with hot, soapy water often; don't go to work or school if you're experiencing flu-like symptoms.

How to Stay Healthy in the City

What you can do: Exercise regularly to reduce stress, and invest in some small home improvements to block out the noise and light of the city.

Ground Ozone Levels Are Poisoning Our Lungs

What you can do: Use hand-powered lawn and garden equipment, and tell your reps you want to see stricter pollution controls for power plants and industrial boilers.

Drug-Resistant Flu Strain Becoming More Common

What you can do: If you suspect you have the flu, stay home, drink plenty of fluids, and know the emergency signs.

Thirdhand Smoke: A Hidden Hazard for Kids and Babies

What you can do: Ban smoking in your home and car to protect yourself and your children.

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