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6 Unhealthy Habits That Are 'As Bad for You As Smoking'

What you can do:

Cooking with Natural Gas Is Frying Your Lungs

What you can do:

Lysol Agrees to Come Clean over Chemical Fragrances (Kind Of)

What you can do:

Cooking Dinner—The Most Polluting Thing You Do Every Day

What you can do:

Flame Retardant Furniture: Unhealthy, and Doesn't Stop Fires

What you can do: Dust frequently; look for low-chemical furniture and rely on smoke detectors to prevent fires, not your favorite sofa.

The #1 Thing You Should Do to Protect Your Heart

What you can do:

How to Make Green Cleaning Recipes That Really Work

What you can do: Invest in the natural-cleaning basics: white vinegar, borax, baking soda, a plant-based soap or detergent, and hydrogen peroxide.

The 3 Biggest Sources of Chemicals in Your Home

What you can do:

The 10 Most Toxic Cars on the Road

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Is Your Office Making You Sick?

What you can do:

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