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The Wonder Herb You Aren't Using

What you can do: Use fresh lemongrass to add zesty flavor and an immunity boost to your dishes.

3 Wiccan Herbal Remedies to Try This Halloween

What you can do: Try these Wiccan recipes for salve, tea, and incense; you don' t have to believe in magic to use them.

The Nickel Pincher: Enjoy Your Fresh Herbs All Winter Long

What you can do: Grab a glass of water and some sharp pruning shears.

Homemade Ice Cream: 2 Chef-Created, Deliciously Different Recipes

What you can do: Use the ice cream maker of your choice and invent your own recipes using organic ingredients.

Herbs for Babies: Are They Safe?

What you can do: Be wary of giving a baby herbs in the first 6 months of life; read up on herbal remedies for kids, and keep your doctor informed.

How to Cook with Unusual Herbs

What you can do: Replace basic herbs like basil and thyme in your dishes with chervil, lovage, lemon verbena, and other less-common culinary herbs.

How to Make Your Own Tarragon Vinegar, Plus 5 Tasty Tarragon Recipes

What you can do: If you have 7 minutes to spare, make your own fabulous tarragon vinegar with four sprigs of tarragon and 2 cups of white wine vinegar. Voilà!

Herbs and Spices Make Grilling Healthier

What you can do: Incorporate herbs and spices into your grilling routine to drastically cut back on carcinogenic compounds created when you cook beef at high temperatures.

Give Cilantro a Chance

What you can do: Rinse and clean cilantro properly; be sure it dries before storing any leftover sprigs.

Cook with Herbs for More Flavor, Less Salt

What you can do: Use herbs as salt substitutes to get more flavor and less salt in your diet.

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