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How to Cook with Unusual Herbs

What you can do: Replace basic herbs like basil and thyme in your dishes with chervil, lovage, lemon verbena, and other less-common culinary herbs.

Give Cilantro a Chance

What you can do: Rinse and clean cilantro properly; be sure it dries before storing any leftover sprigs.

How to Start an Indoor Herb Garden

What you can do: Choose hardy, drought-tolerant herbs and place them on a sunny windowsill to enjoy cooking with your own herbs all year long.

How to Grow Houseplants in Water

What you can do: Grab a few jelly jars and a pair of scissors, and find yourself a plant or herb from which to snatch a clipping.

Brew Healthy Tea from Kitchen Herbs

What you can do: Experiment with aromatic herbal teas using your own home grown herbs, or spices from the supermarket.

The Nickel Pincher: Easy Ways to Preserve Herbs

What you can do: Save fresh herbs in ice cube trays, butter, or bottles of oil or vinegar.

Cook with Herbs for More Flavor, Less Salt

What you can do: Use herbs as salt substitutes to get more flavor and less salt in your diet.

How to Use Herbs to Add Flavor and Cut Salt

What you can do: Use herbs as salt substitutes to get more flavor and less salt in your diet.

The Alzheimer's Fighter That's Already on Your Spice Rack

What you can do:

17 Herbs and Spices That Fight Diabetes

What you can do:

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