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The Most Effective Medicine in the World: Exercise

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Peeing in the Pool Could Wreck Your Lungs, Scientists Say

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Fresh Picks: Your Brain on Sugar and McDonald's New "Sustainable" Beef Policy

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9 Health Problems You Can Treat with Exercise

What you can do:

What's Your Exercise Personality? Find Out, Get Fit

What you can do: Figure out what your exercise personality is before plunking money down on expensive gym memberships or equipment.

Boost Your Body Confidence

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7 Hidden Workout Killers

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How to Exercise in the Heat

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Get Your Kids to Love Exercise

What you can do: Be informed about the benefits of physical activity, plan some family dinners, and try to spend more time with your kids.

Better than Advil? Try Ginger for Sore-Muscle Relief

What you can do: Next time you overdo it, reach for some ginger for natural sore-muscle relief.

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