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Is a Tequila Plant Sweetener Better for People With Diabetes?

What you can do:

7 Sinister Food Industry Tricks

What you can do:

Mediterranean Diet Cuts Diabetes Risk in Half

What you can do: Switch to convenient fall and winter fruits and vegetables to keep Mediterranean diet recipes on the menu all year round.

Skipping Breakfast Linked to Heart Disease, Diabetes

What you can do: Got three minutes? Try making our Berry Smoothies, Apple-Cinnamon Yogurt, Egg and Salmon Wraps, and other easy breakfast recipes.

The 4 Best, and 3 Worst, Sweeteners to Have in Your Kitchen

What you can do: Use sweeteners that aren't overly processed or harmful, and rely on "nature's candy" for a healthy balance.

Eat Like This to Manage Diabetes Naturally

What you can do:

Soda Tax May Have Obama's Support

What you can do: Cut back on sugar-sweetened drinks altogether, and choose filtered tap water, coffee, tea, or other naturally low-calorie beverages.

The Grain Guide: Easy Recipes for the Healthiest Whole Grains

What you can do: Cook whole grains to replace refined carbs, and read your bread label with a watchful eye.

The Right Breakfast Helps Diabetics after Lunch

What you can do: Discover the best foods for breakfast, and then follow with a healthy lunch three to five hours later to help stabilize blood sugar levels.

Diet Soda = Diabetes Soda

What you can do: Skip soda altogether, and avoid other beverages that seem healthy but aren’t.

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