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Warmer Days Can Trigger Severe Headaches

What you can do: Unclench your muscles and find a dark place if a migraine hits.

Mind-Body-Mood Advisor: 10 Strategies for a More Productive Brain

What you can do: To improve your concentration, give your brain the fuel supply it needs and make smart choices about your work environment.

Is Your Child Brain-Injured? Are You Sure?

What you can do: Protect your kids by knowing the symptoms of concussion, and if they're injured, bring them back to the doc for a follow-up visit.

Concussion Aftereffects Go Unnoticed in Kids

What you can do: Be diligent about follow-up visits with your child’s doctor after a concussion.

Delay Dementia: Exercise Your Brain Every Day

What you can do: Socialize, read, spend time with friends, and try hobbies that challenge your brain.

Night Owls Are More Productive than Early Birds

What you can do: Sleep in if you can and don’t feel guilty.

Tired Brain Equals Tired Body

What you can do: Avoid mentally strenuous activities before a workout or competition; try to give your mind a rest if you want your body to perform at its peak.

Education Could Help Ward Off Alzheimer's Disease

What you can do: Retired? Sign up for a continuing education course and eat salad every day.

Want Sweeter Dreams? Sleep with Pleasant Scents

What you can do: Add pleasant, natural odors to your bedroom.

Worried about Your Memory? You’re Making it Worse

What you can do: Keep challenging your memory throughout life; take notes if you become a little forgetful.

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