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More people visit doctors for high blood pressure than for any other condition, aside from the common cold. And while blood pressure medications are usually effective, science has shown us that many foods can help lower blood pressure, too.

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Fruits and Veggies Lower Your Blood Pressure, Research Shows

What you can do: To cut your risk of high blood pressure, try winter dishes that are rich in flavonoids, like our Baked Eggplant with Tomato Chutney, Couscous with Pistachios and Currants, and Raspberry-Tangerine Tart.

How to Check Your Blood Pressure at Home

What you can do: Use a validated home blood pressure monitor, avoid finger and wrist models, and make sure the cuff is situated properly.

Eat and Drink This to Prevent High Blood Pressure

What you can do: Incorporate a clove or two of garlic into your meals, try hibiscus tea several times a day, and favor foods like celery and bitter greens.

Soothe Holiday Stress with a 1,000-Year-Old Trick

What you can do:

The Hidden Cost of Blood Pressure Tests

What you can do: Invest in a good home blood pressure monitor, and make sure your doctor knows your readings.

Purple Potatoes: Your New Blood Pressure Medicine

What you can do: Hit the farmer's market for some purple potatoes to lower your blood pressure.

If You’re Not Asleep, Your Blood Pressure May Creep (Up)

What you can do: Make your bedroom less startling, know the signs that it’s time to visit a sleep center.

Does Avoiding Salt Reduce Death Risk? The Truth Is Grainy

What you can do: Don't OD on salt, but keep the salt shaker on the table. Learn the REAL sources of sodium your diet.

Blood Pressure Strategies Get Short Shrift from Media

What you can do: Take hypertension seriously. Be hyper-vigilant about your calorie and salt intake if you’re aiming to lower your blood pressure.

Songs Can Soothe Injured Hearts

What you can do: Seek out music—or a music therapist—to help you recover from illness.

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