tips for beginning runners

10 Expert Tips for Beginning Runners

If you've never tried running, or just haven't been able to keep at it, we have 10 tips for beginning runners to get you on the road.

By Adam Bean


Before you hit the road, run through our ten top tips.

With temps warming up and spring finally spring, now's s a great time to get outdoors and get into shape.

And the best, simplest, most efficient way to do that? Run. If you're a beginning runner, have never tried it, or it's been quite awhile since you laced up a pair of running shoes, you might be surprised how easy it is to get started. And it's even easier when you follow these 10 tips that all experienced runners know.

1. Park stress at the door. Stress can increase muscle tension and keep you from breathing deeply as you run. Have a mantra for when you head out the door that will remind you to clear your mind: “Running starts now.” Or: “Thinking stops; running starts.”

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2. Don’t expect so much. Just go out and run. Sure, every once in a while, test yourself on a challenging run or in a race. But most of the time, just run. For time, not distance or speed.

3. Strengthen your core. The muscles of the midsection, back and front, help lift and drive the legs. If they’re not strong, your legs simply “dangle” at the bottom of your body and don’t propel you as forcefully. Try these easy ab exercise that don't require any equipment.

4. Skip a day. Most runners, when they aren’t feeling well and every run seems hard, think they’re not doing enough running. But it could be you’re doing too much.

5. Start more slowly each time out. Figure out a timeframe that works for you—three minutes? five minutes?—and make yourself walk or jog very slowly for that period before getting into your normal training pace. This gives your body time time to acclimate, and can make the rest of your run feel a lot better.

6. Add a little speed. Okay, a bit counterintuitive here, but including regular doses of faster running will get you fitter, which makes your regular training runs feel easier.

7. Add a little distance. Same thing as speedwork. You’ll get stronger and have better endurance when you have some longer runs on your schedule, so your regular-length training runs will be easier.

8. Hit the treadmill. Many would say that running outdoors is "real" running. But sometimes you just need to zone out, and there's nothing wrong with heading to the gym to get your miles in. You won’t have to worry about rain, dogs, hills, or anything else. Just bring some music, set the pace, and go. (If it's seasonal allergies that keep you indoors, see our story on exercising with allergies.

9. Eat lightly and often. If you run more than two hours after eating something, your blood sugar will be lower than it should be for running, and you’ll feel it. Eat or drink something before you head out in the morning, have a midmorning snack before a lunch run, or eat a midafternoon snack before an evening run.

10. Drink often, too. Research shows that even a 2-percent reduction in your total body fluid can make running feel more difficult. Dehydration also lowers your metabolism, which can decrease your energy. Don't wait until you're on the road. Sip water all day long, and take in a good 16 ounces an hour before a run.

Check out for all sorts of running resources, including training advice for beginners.

Adam Bean, a former editor at Runner’s World magazine, has been a runner for 34 years. He loves it now as much as he ever has.

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Published on: March 17, 2010

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was nervous to get started

I've wanted to get into running again. I guess you could say I dabbled with it in my college years. But, I want it to become a lifestyle for me, as ultrarunner75 said in the comments. What's been holding me back is that I recently went through meridian plastic surgery and I want to make sure I don't put too much stress on my body. I think I've been overly worrisome, though.

just started and actually like it

I'd like to suggest the "Interval Trainer" app that can be downloaded from iTunes. It is on my iPod and keeps track of my accomplishments. It has helped me stay on track and slowly builds up the time for running versus walking. Highly recommended! I used to hate to run when I was forced to do it for sports. But something changed over the summer, and I gave it a go. I'm actually getting addicted to it, and I find the time to get out there most days of the week!

Good advice for novices and more challenged runners

Great, helpful reassuring tips - I shall send this link to Oxfam so it can mail all it's charity runners for next year's marathon

runing is a lifestyle

Running starts off like work for most but stick with it and as time passes you will look back and be astonished at what you have accomplished. Your life style will change with the amount of running that you do. Chances are the people around you will change to. You will seek out the run everywhere you go. You get the picture. Look into your running and find out what you want out of it and make it "yours". Its all up to you now.

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