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5 Meatless Recipes That Will Appeal to Anyone

New report finds benefits in moving away from meat; here are the first steps to take.

By The Editors of

5 Meatless Recipes That Will Appeal to Anyone

You don't need meat for a truly enjoyable meal.

RODALE NEWS, EMMAUS, PA—A new position statement by the American Dietetic Association (ADA) underscores the benefits of a vegetarian diet, and comes on the heels of other reports linking plant-based diets to longer life and better health. In the statement, the ADA notes that vegetarian diets are often associated with health benefits such as lower cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure, and lower risks for heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension. Vegetarians also have lower cancer rates. Studies reported on by in the past few months have linked meat-eating to a higher risk of vision loss and lung cancer, and found that eating large amounts of red meat raises overall risk of death. Other recent reports have identified meat production as an important contributor to global warming.

Whether you’re ready to take animal protein completely off the table, or just want to ease into a less meat-centric way of eating, here are some of meatless recipes from some of our favorite Rodale foodies. You can try each on its own for a lunch or light dinner, pair with salads and bread, or mix and match some of the selections to create a larger meal.


Published on: July 8, 2009

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Losing Muscle Mass?

Maybe you'd like to tell Mac Danzig, champion Ultimate Cage Fighter, that he's losing muscle mass. Mac is vegan. And then you can tell Kansas City Chiefs tight-end Tony Gonzalez, who weighs about 245 lbs. and is also vegan. There are already studies that show that plant based diets are healthy.

muscle mass

Ha ha Pretty Boy, Art. This article on moving towards a more vegetarian diet for PERSONAL HEALTH reasons and is not intended to replace as your favorite Muscle mag's articles on how to impress the girls and compensate for your self-esteem issues by "pumping up" size. Even if you are focused on MASS rather than healthy body and healthy balance of muscle tissue, and feel compelled to keep protein levels unnaturally high, there are other non-meat products that can help you while also keeping fat intake low -- something those Muscle-building fans know is equally important to highlighting muscle fiber.

Lemon Balm

As a member of the mint family, once it is in the ground, it will take off in all directions.

Your best bet if to dig up the entire clumps, plant in pots, and give the extras to friends who don't have it with the warning to leave it in the pot and not plant it in the ground. Meanwhile, you can go to town making lemon balm tea, or even candying the leaves as is often done with violets and other edible flowers. It is not only aromatic and delicious but makes a lovely gift, maybe with one of those extra plants you've dug up!

Good luck!

Lemon Balm

Since you mentioned it and I have it, how do you contain it? It colonizes everywhere. Love the smell, but help!

"loss of muscle mass"

gee, poor Einstein, had he only known he'd been losing muscle mass as a vegetarian...too bad Art wasn't there to warn him.

Veggie Burger recipes?

Do you have some good recipes on how to make some veggie burgers using hydrolized vegetable protein (soy flakes)? In the market, four of them cost about $3. It seems like a home version would be cheaper and tastier.

Meatless Meals

Now you need to put in some of the studies that show how muscle mass is lost by going meatless....very hard to get a complete protein to maintain muscle by going meatless. Bad choice.


'weeds' to eat

I try to landscape with edible plants and have discovered that there are a lot of tasty plants that no one thinks of eating. Why don't you run an article about edible, decorative plants such as purslane, violets, day lilies, dandilions, mullberries, lemon balm, plantain, etc...

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