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Ted Kennedy's 5 Greatest Contributions to Environmental Health

The late senator may be best known for health care reform, but he also worked to clean up waterways, improve gas mileage, and protect natural resources.

RODALE NEWS, EMMAUS, PA—There was no mistaking the primary goal of the late Senator Edward Kennedy. The Massachusetts Democrat called universal health coverage the focus of his career, and continued to fight for it even after he became incapacitated with a brain tumor in 2008. However, he cared about more than just health care. Kennedy was also a firm supporter of environmental issues, and although he wasn't on any of the Senate's environment committees, "he was such a powerful force that if he was behind a piece of legislation, it definitely made a difference," says David Willett, national press secretary for the nonprofit Sierra Club. "He was an environmental champion and consistently voted for environmental protections whenever possible."

From health care reform to cleaning up toxic waste, here are five of Senator Kennedy's most notable contributions:

#1: Affordable health care for everyone. Senator Kennedy may be best known for his efforts to create an inclusive health care system, but his contributions to the health of the American public certainly don't stop there. He led efforts in 1985 to establish the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA), which gives laid-off workers temporary access to employer-provided insurance and, with Orrin Hatch, in 1997, he established the Children's Health Insurance Program so uninsured children could have access to care. He was also a patient-safety advocate, sponsoring a bill that, if passed, would have provided legal protections for people willing to report medical errors; however, the bill stalled in committee.

Published on: August 26, 2009
Updated on: March 25, 2010

He has many significant

He has many significant contributions to environmental health. He is such a good model to every politicians to do their duties. Thanks for posting! Guy Riordan

COBRA, Waitresses, Sandwiches, and Other Stuff

To his credit Ted did sponsor many big giveaway programs and some unnecessary environmental crap. However, as generous as his legislation has been to those who don't want to work, none of it cost Ted a dime. Instead, he elected to make us pay for it provided he get the credit from the happy donees.

Ted's love for the poor and meek was legendary according to the leftist (redundant?) journalists in the major and not so major (Rodale) media. One can only imagine the untold hours he must have spent obsessing over the misfortunes of the underprivlidged while sailing, playing touch football, and partying in Hyannisport, Palm Beach and places unknown. What sacrifice!

There's talk about naming the health care bill after Ted. That's pretty interesting when you consider that there is no way in hell he would ever let himself fall under the same plan that's been proposed by Congress.

I thought of unsubscribing from Rodale's email list several weeks ago but I've become fascinated by the consistently leftist leanings of this particular article's author. In fact, I anxiously await her next piece of work.


It's only a matter of time before the libs start clamoring for his canonization. His past will be white-washed and all you'll hear is about the good things Ted Kennedy did, and they'll conveniently forget about all the corruption. A man gets away with murder, but that's ok b/c he made the air clearer. Oh, wait, the media's already done all that.

the needs of the many?

I guess the needs of the many outweighed the needs of the few.
Kennedy should have been in jail long before he did any of these things because of Chappaquiddick.
He tried to make up for his early stupidity in magnanimous ways but I'm sure the girl's family still hurts that a Kennedy got away with her death.


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