saving money when buying organic food

Eat Like This and End Obesity

Foods grown without chemical pesticides can reverse trends in obesity and diabetes, according to a new report.

RODALE NEWS, EMMAUS, PA—Most of us are exposed to pesticides several times a day. Even if you live far away from chemically treated farm fields, the toxins still find you—because they often hitch a ride on your food. And new research shows that over half of the most commonly used pesticides are known endocrine disruptors. That means our food can be contaminated with 180 chemicals that mess with hormone function, and ultimately, our health. The good news: Organic food is more available than ever and, according to research highlighted in a new report from The Organic Center, there are six ways in which organic food and farming can slow or reverse the epidemic of obesity and diabetes that’s putting so many people at risk.

THE DETAILS: Each day, the average American ingests 10 to 13 different pesticides or pesticide metabolites through food, beverages, and drinking water. According to USDA sampling, 75 percent of fruit and 60 percent of vegetables tested contained at least one type of pesticide residue. Because they avoid these chemicals and contain greater nutrient content, organic foods can affect the obesity epidemic in these ways, the report states:

In infants and children:
• Promote healthy development of the endocrine system, which regulates blood sugar and calorie intake.
• Establish taste-based preferences in children for nutrient-dense, flavorful foods.
• Eliminate exposure to 180 pesticides that can disrupt the endocrine system.

In adults:
• Help reinforce a sense of fullness and reduce the intake of unneeded calories.
• Lessen damage done by free radicals, lowering risk of inflammation-related diseases like diabetes.
• Protect the brain from neurological damage that occurs with aging, preserving memory and cognitive skills.


Published on: June 4, 2009

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Obesity is now one of the

Obesity is now one of the country’s costliest medical conditions. Taxpayers, governments and businesses spend billions on obesity-related conditions each year, including an estimated $168 billion in medical costs. -Marla Ahlgrimm


thank u tammy, that was true and a great post.

eat like this and avoid obesity. a response to organic naysayers

i am not a vegetarian, vegan OR organic farmer. however, i grew up on a farm. the chemicals i have been exposed to do bring one pause and there is no doubt in my mind that they bring on a host of conditions. my sister died of cancer and i am diabetic. back then we didnt know the long term effects of the pesticides we used. now we do. the small farmer, unlike corporations, actually CARES about his customer... they are, after all, comprised of family, friends and neighbors. to those who doubt that organic is a better way to go, educate yourselves on just exactly WHAT is put into your food supply by corporate farms. and while you're at it, check into franken foods (with "sustainability" being the buzzword of the day one wonders why people dont question the NON-sustainability of such an important thing as our food supply... you cant even procreate plants from seeds gathered from your fruit anymore. there is something deeply, inherently wrong with that). doubt the results of organic farmers, go online and check out the research done abroad where they dont allow or severely restrict such things. in the area i grew up in there are no more family farms - except those who have a niche (like organic) or a job to support their farming "habit". they have been replaced by corporate farms. so many have lost their livlihood and a wonderful way of life. and the american public has lost what was once at the root of the industry... love and pride in providing good healthy food. i am proud of my raising. we took pride in the products we sold, but it is a way of life that is lost to me (and so many others). if one is naive enough to think that the health and welfare of the consumer is placed above profit by said corporations, then one is naive indeed. production and profit is the ONLY goal... not a healthy, safe food supply. think about it. think organic and think heirloom (seeds you can procreate next year's crops from)... just THINK period.


I belief that people go overboard on the "organic" products. Everything a person purchases/eats does not have to be "organic". My Dr.told me that products like advocadoes do not have to be organic because they have a skin thick enough that is does not absorb pesticides. We do need to eat better food and stay away from 'fast foods" and foods with lots of preservatives, fats and sodium to be healthy!

eat like this and avoid obesity

I thoroughly believe that organic food is the best way to maintain good health. The chemicals in mass produced foods is causing early onset puberty in our children and can also be linked to many behavioral problems. The nutritional value of organic foods is much higher and therefore it satisfies and nourishes our bodies and therefore we are not inclined to over eat to satisfy our nutritional needs .The ideal way to eat is locally grown organic foods...better yet ,grow your own and get exercise as well.

Eat Like This and Avoid Obesity

While there is no doubt obesity is rampant in this country, it's ironic to me that the only people that have come up with such startling 'results' are organic farmers! No doubt pesticides can be harmful but a truly independent study would be must more valuable and trustworthy.

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