Coloradans Promoting Urban Ag, Fighting Hunger

By Jean Nick

A coalition of community organizations in the greater Denver, CO, area have come together to form "Grow Local Colorado," which promotes urban agriculture, tends demonstration gardens, and donates food grown there to local foodbanks. They also act as a clearinghouse for promoting local food and a local economy and help aspiring gardeners find land. Founded in 2009 with a single demonstration vegetable garden converted from an ornamental garden in a city park, the group's volunteers now maintain a growing number of such demonstration gardens. Wouldn't it be lovely if more cities had such a resource? Even if your city doesn't have such a comprehensive program if you have a garden you can participate in "Plant a Row for the Hungry," a program that encourages gardeners to plant extra and donate it to a local food bank.

Grow Local Colorado Web site (accessed 28 June 2011).
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