parasites in humans

Avoid Tapeworms and Parasites!

These eight nasty critters may be closer than you think, but you can protect yourself.

By Emily Main


Mmmm, parasites. Who wants to hear about roundworms, tapeworms, and other tiny critters that live in your food and water? In some cases, parasites can actually be beneficial, keeping insects from devouring crops and diseases from spreading. But you still don't want them in your food—or anywhere near your house—and based on recent reports to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), intestinal parasites in humans could be on the rise, thanks to climate change, increased international travel, and a number of other factors. In the past few years, scientists have been outlining an unusual rise in parasitic infections that live in everything from drinking water to the ironically named kissing bug to salmon raised in Latin America.

Before you give up your outdoor hikes or your sushi, however, keep in mind that there are other, more damaging parasites you need to be worried about.

Published on: July 18, 2012
Updated on: July 24, 2012

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I just happened upon your post when I was leaving one regarding Lyme disease and other tick borne diseases here in the Northeast.You didn't say where you lived. Just wondering if you ever got a diagnosis for your daughter? I had a friend who was just diagnosed with scabies from being around farm animals. It's always something. Hope your daughter is well.

Ha ha!

I cracked up when I came to #6. Ain't it the truth! But I even had everything in writing -- what do you do then, sell the loan to a bill collector for ten cents on the dollar, and burn that bridge with your neighbour or friend?

First off, I agree: make everything formal on the outside, write it up all legal, make it clear you expect to be paid back according to terms, perhaps even put in the contract some penalty if it is not.

Second off, inside your own heart, be prepared to never see that money again. That's where I am on a loan to "friends" that was supposed to be until they "got over a rough patch" and has now gone on for 18 years. Some "rough patch."

parasites & cysts in the brain & other parts of the body

I developed a parasite when I went to Uganda in 2000. It took 2 years to get rid of it. I heard that parasites can cause cysts. Is that true? One was removed from my optic nerve in June this year. I also have some on my liver and kidney. One Dr. called them cysts, but another named the liver and kidney ones "leasions." Should I be tested to see if I have another parasite? I was prescribed medicine after being hit with another issue in Uganda May 2008. I feel fine now, but seem to get urine infections easily--1-2/year.

Thank you,

evacuation of worms whileeliminating

when I was child I had a large elimination of worms not sure if they were tapes or what. I never had them treated, could I still have them as an adult?


Sounds like a job for Dr. House. Seriously, get your daughter to a major research medical center, like UCLA, U of Utah, etc, and don't take "we've done all we can" as an answer.

Abdominal Pain in the middle where the stomach is!

In april & may this year I was diagnosed with Diverticuloses @ the Illium also mild Cholestral & mild Blood Glucose which the Doctor put me on Plavic & Actos. I refused Taking both of them as the side effect of heart problems was listed and I wasn't going to tempt fate! Istarted taking Cholestral Essential and Senema Silvestre and it has been helping along with some other herbals . It takes about 1 to 2 hrs.when waking in the morning beforeThe abdominal pain lets up. when retiring at night I feel okay But when I arise in the morning it feels like my abdomin has been pushed into my chest! I'm also losing weight Rapidly,like the Nutrients from the food I eat is not being absorbed in the intestines . I started a wormwood & clove regimin for the parasites . I need to get some black Walnut extract to kill any other parasites in me .this therapy is from Hulda Clark . Can you reccomend any other treatment?buckley-

Parasite comments

I get the impression that everyone commenting here is trying to help. Be nice! When folks are trying to help, even if you disagree with them, you don't need to be snide or petty about it!
I'm sure none of us have all the answers or we would be accepting a Nobel Prize insteading on sniping at each other in comments!

Good advise misinterpreted

When someone refers to 'sugars' they are not referring to the breakdown of molecules...they are referring to processed sugars mainly and sometimes fruits, there are some conditions (including diabetes) when all kinds of sugars have to be monitored.

I'm never surprised to see information twisted, even for the ones that called themselves knowleageable. The above advise is sound advise and it goes in the order that is spelles. Silver is an anti-biotic. Citricidal is a powerful antibiotic that is supposed to kill virus in contact, of course, if you are into science like I'm you understand that what is done in vitro doesn't mean the same reacion in the body, but this goes for everymedicine in the world. No need to twist a good advice. When we think we know it all, that is when we find out how much we don't know. And it is so refreshing to know that someone took the time to type that much in consideration to a child htat is not even hers.

coconut milk?

I appreciate the input and concern of the community here and am glad to report she is fine and has returned to her usual self.
I did want to note however that the 'substance' that comes from a coconut is NOT COCONUT MILK.
Coconut milk is a processed extraction made from the meat of the coconut.
Again, I also know from taking MANY science classes that things do not 'live off of sweets". Plants make their own sugars and other organisms live off of those sugars - save some very weird extremeophiles- The cycle for reproduction is the same for most cellular things. If you deny a source for the bad you also deny it for the good. Enzymes effect thier repoduction.
She also did not have a bacterial infection. And what do you think is microbial? Everything is "microbial..."
I try to use natural substances, I do not use pesticides but I also do not like to get information from those that just know how to repeat what they have heard or been told from some 'health food person'. Much of that is like medieval medicine. Won't help but it can't hurt? I research EVERYTHING. I have plant and herb books that tell of the science behind the plants, and know that so much of what is sold in 'health stores' to be junk. Sad, because so much of the misinformation clouds the truth. Just like in pesticides remember those of you who ohh and ahh over health food store info that to kill the bad you also usually kill the good. Which is why so many get yeast infections on anti biotic. ( use probiotics like in yogurt to help with it) You kill the bad things but the good ones also that keep your colon and bladder healthy. Don't self medicate yourself because you heard it was 'good for it' or this person swears by it, because it is 'natural'- so are a lot of things which are poisons. Silver is not listed as a nutrient your body uses and can cause kidney damage. Speak that which YOU KNOW- not which you have only heard.

Your daughter

An ounce of prevention -even if you do not have a diagnosis: what follows is a suggestion:

1) Go to the health food store and buy Citricidal (grapefruit seed extract) it is an anti-fungal, anti-microbial, anti- bacterial and safe liquid supplement - put 5-15 in water or grapefruit juice and take a few times a day. Also wash your
fruits in vegetables in a solution of it (read LABEL before
eating or cooking.

2) Get some colloidal silver (Silver Wings) is a good one and
take according to the label instructions. It is anti-viral.

3) Buy some "young coconuts" - this is messier but more fun as it is delicious - they are white - not the brown kind of coconut.
can get at Whole Foods or a local healthy mart or a co-op - call and see if they have it. With a cleaver open it up (have a bowl nearby to catch the coconut milk which may drip as you cut it open - then blend the soft coconut meat inside with the liquid - you will have a delicious smoothy AND it is anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial. If you don't believe me get a copy of the book "The Coconut Miracle" by Bruce Fife, C.N, N.D.

4) Avoid ALL SUGARS, FLOWER PRODUCTS, BAKED GOODS and temporarily even sweet fruits, pastas, breads and anything
containing a sweetener of any kind. Sweet feeds pathogens.

5) Drink pau d'arco tea - not weak tea bags but the bark - sold in health food stores.

6) Make sure that she is not constipated because if she is the pathogens will remain in the colon. Take some Laci le Beau tea
to purge the system after doing the above.

If it is a pathogen, she will be VERRRY happy. If not, the above can only help !!

Good luck and let me know.


Number 6...hilarious! Didn't see that coming!


Sounds like a job for Dr. House. Seriously, get your daughter to a major research medical center, like UCLA, U of Utah, etc, and don't take "we've done all we can" as an answer.


lol.. the last one just made me laugh...
On a serious note I am checking on some reason for my daughter's illness. High fever, very high...and basic muscle aches and red feverish eyes. Ruled out Lyme disease.. not bacterial. No cases of West Nile any where within six states around us, and doesn't have symptoms of Kawasaki disease, has had fips and measles shots. (long time ago.) Works a lot with animals, petting/breeding zoo, and a vets office plus of course lab at the University. (out for summer) but has extra precautionary vaccines due to this fact- also a while ago so not a reaction from them. baffled.


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