natural air fresheners

6 Weird, All-Natural Air Fresheners

Spring allergies are in the air. But with these unorthodox but natural air fresheners, your entire family will be breathing a little easier.

By Emily Main


#2: Cat Litter.
Have a smelly closet or musty basement? Set out a tray of cat litter, specifically, Jonny Cat Litter brand, recommends Joey Green of Joey Green's Cleaning Magic (Rodale, 2010). One primary reason that brand works so well has to do with the fact that the main ingredient is diatomaceous earth, a naturally occurring mineral that, among its many wonders, absorbs odors (it also absorbs moisture in the air, and kills pests that come in contact with it). So if you can't find any Jonny Cat Litter, buy a box of diatomaceous earth and set a few bowls out in the corners of smelly rooms. You can find it online from garden supply stores, such as Planet Natural.

Published on: May 17, 2011
Updated on: May 18, 2011

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We should take into account

We should take into account the fact that not all dry cleaners are created alike. I read an article about a New York study with a great vanity bathroom where some apartments above dry cleaners showed perc levels that weren't much above background, while others were contaminated with as much as 5,000 micrograms per cubic meter. So the greatest issue as a consumer is to figure out how clean your local cleaner happens to be. If you want to limit your personal contribution to the perc problem, your best option is to check whether any of the clothes you normally get dry-cleaned can be laundered and pressed instead.


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