medicinal herbs are becoming endangered

3 Ways to Keep Your Favorite Herbs from Going Extinct

Medicinal herbs in the U.S. and around the world are becoming endangered, and you can help with a few hours of your time.

3 Ways to Keep Your Favorite Herbs from Going Extinct

The future of your favorite herbs is in your hands.

WHAT IT MEANS: You can do your part to save these medicinal plants; it just takes a little extra time on the Internet or in your backyard garden.

Here are three ways to get started:

1: Set up a sanctuary. Anyone with a backyard garden or patch of wild forest on his or her property can join United Plant Saver’s Botanical Sanctuary Network, says Linda LeMole, executive director of United Plant Savers. It requires a $100 registration fee (plus $35 for membership), but the organization will send you seeds or roots to grow your own medicinal plants, as well as dispatch an expert to help you identify any existing plants already on your property.

2: Grow plants just for fun. If creating a plant sanctuary is too much work, simply planting a few herbs can help ensure the survival of a species, says Bussmann. “The best thing you can do is to preserve the original environment in which [medicinal] plants are grown,” he says. “But if you plant the plant in your backyard, you will keep it alive.” A few years down the line, you could help transplant the species back into its native environment. You can consult United Plant Saver’s “At-Risk” list for a list of the threatened species in the U.S. “Just growing herbs in your garden really enhances the strength of the other plants,” says LeMole.

3: Do a background check. Go online and check the corporate sustainability policies of your favorite supplement manufacturer. “Most of the supplements you buy are going to have ingredients that are wildcrafted,” LeMole says, “and you need to see where they source their plants.” Some of the companies that are doing well in this arena, she notes, are Herb Pharm, Traditional Medicinals, and New Chapter, and you can see a complete list of United Plant Savers’ corporate members on their site.


Published on: July 17, 2009

I think we need to bring more

I think we need to bring more ideas for this purpose. Involvement of young people can be handy in this regard. I am happy to find a good post here.

Let's Keep Raising Awareness!

Hi Emily,

Thank you for this informative article and keeping alive this important subject of at-risk medicinal plants. We need more people and companies to be aware of the situation and doing their part to keep these precious plants alive for our children and grand-children.

As a skin care manufacturer who counts on medicinal herbs for the success of our products, we are proud to be a member of United Plant Savers and doing our part to conserve these not only useful, but incredibly beautiful, herbal plants.

Thanks Emily and keep up the great work!

Alchemilla, Pure, Organic Skin Care

I see your dream Sam

Congrats on that pineapple Sam!:)

Educating and Encouraging on sustainable plant use

Dear Emily Main,
I was so glad to see your article. We need more subject matter on this issue to raise awareness on these issues. I've been propagating and growing native plants all my life, first for Ornamental Industry now for Medicinal Industry. Worked with people groups around the world to preserve their native healing plants. The reward is to see them realize what is around them and cherish them.
Keep up the good publicity!!!!
With dirt under my nails.... EJ Fletcher

A link for Sam- Gardening in tough times


You may find this helpful, you can find a used copy for less. : )


SOME TIMES I TRY GROWING DIFFERENT PLANTS AND LOSE THEM. i would like to grow more such as wild plants new trees and fruit bushes well.

To fulfill a dream and help mankind!

I would love nothing more than to get information and assistance in growing alternative medicinal herbs in my yard but, I do not have the funds to do it. I’ve been practicing by trying to grow tomatoes, peppers, squash, rosemary and mint. The only thing that I see now is my first small pineapple plant growing a pineapple. I live on my disability check and can't work out of my home or where I can not control the temperature due to my Cold Urinary, but I very interested in grow organic food and herb in my backyard. Yet, I know that I have allot to learn and need all the help and knowledge to fulfill my dream of having a garden that we help all mankind if, the HOLY SPIRIT permits! I saw it in a dream! The garden! I just do not know how I'll be able to do it due to economic hardship! As we all know everyone is going through it one way or another! I would greatly appreciate it if you can email information and/or anything on how to start It.! Well, I hope to hear from you and you are safe! God Bless & May Peace be with you! Sincerely Interested, SAM!

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