lyme disease hearing, guidelines, and antibiotics use

Lyme Hearing Highlights a Broken System

Everything we think we know about Lyme needs to be rewritten, one doctor says.

By Leah Zerbe


Lyme Hearing Highlights a Broken System

Bad sign: Disagreements about how to handle Lyme disease put patients' health at risk.

RODALE NEWS, EMMAUS, PA— Borrelia burgdorferi is a sneak. And a smart one at that. Also known as Bb, it’s the organism that’s carried by certain ticks and causes Lyme disease, an infection that affects an estimated 200,000 people a year in the United States. Depending who you talk to, the Lyme bacterium causes a short-term infection that can be cured with a month’s worth of antibiotics or—as a growing number researchers, doctors, and patients say—it’s a serious pathogen that invades different organs, hides from detection by lab tests, and causes chronic pain and symptoms that lasts for months or years. Controversy over guidelines governing how doctors diagnose and treat the disease has been brewing for years, but yesterday the arguments were aired in public as 18 doctors, scientists, and patients testified at a hearing before a new Infectious Disease Society of America (IDSA) Lyme disease review panel in Washington, DC.

THE DETAILS: The hearing was a result of an antitrust settlement brought by the Connecticut attorney general to address alleged flaws (including financial conflicts of interest) regarding IDSA’s 2006 Lyme disease guidelines, which are recommended by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control. The nine-hour hearing featured prominent physicians who stand by the IDSA guidelines, those who treat more aggressively and prescribe longer and stronger doses of antibiotics (as recommended by the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society, ILADS), and independent Lyme disease researchers.

Published on: July 30, 2009
Updated on: March 11, 2010

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This can get way better as I

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Don't rely on finding a tick

Don't rely on finding a tick attached to your body to gauge your Lyme disease risk: Many people don’t recall being bitten at all, while others notice migrating rashes or red or black-and-blue splotches shortly after being bitten. Other early Lyme symptoms sometimes pop up a few days to a month after infection and include fatigue, fever, and chills. If the disease becomes more established in your body, it could cause cardiac and neurological problems.
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Lyme vaccine

Can't ever forsee a LYME VACCINE.

Lymerix was an absolute failure leaving
many in terrible health.

Can't make a Lyme vaccine due to all the hundreds or thousands of strains constantly evolving and picking up DNA interacting in new ways. A vaccine can't be done and is impossible at this point in time.

This spirochete is so adaptable and hides so easily to evade the immune system and the Ridiculous Commercial Lyme test that "We all should be humbled by it"

Vaccinate against something so clever we needed to be humbled by it? NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

Silly Lyme, FM, CFS Treaments-Fail Too Often

Lyme alone in PA is a silly joke. Deer ticks carry a flood of Babesia and Bartonella and other infections our top state labs cannot even test for. Our top medical centers have NO ONE publishing top books on these infections--they just send you out with a treatment meet to fit 10 y/o's, 30 y/o's and 50 y/o's--everyone is the same and has only Lyme.

If you do not use a trash lab with triviual inventment and huge frekishly high cut off positive numbers on finds much of FM and Crippling fatigue is Babesia, Lyme or Bartonella that is hardly a mere cold and passes away.

If any one in PA has read even a mere 1500 articles on each of these infections, I would be stunned.


Is this ALL we have to say. This article is NOTHING new. Why bother chunking up email boxes with this. Funny I had Hyson Infuse as my code below.

Got to get this right!

Between living in a Lyme Tick area, knowing 2 people who suffer from chronic Lyme Disease, and wondering if the Lyme vaccine we received years ago still is working (It's since been pulled off the market)....
I know the doctors and scientists have to get this right. The problem will only get worse as more and more people contract the disease and are given incorrect care


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