homemade apple pie recipe

Make the Perfect Apple Pie from Scratch (It's Easy!)

Even the culinary-challenged can turn organic apples into a delicious apple pie using this homemade apple pie recipe and some expert tips.

By Leah Zerbe


Make the Perfect Apple Pie from Scratch (It's Easy!)

About eleven cups of organic apples make the perfect apple pie!

RODALE NEWS, EMMAUS, PA—There are thousands of apple uses, but when you get right down to it, there's no doubt that apple pie tops the list. And nothing tastes better than a pie baked from scratch using fresh, organic ingredients. "It tastes better. At the end of the day, fresh is best," says Leah Nichols, director of Food Services at Rodale Inc. "And when you make it with your own organic ingredients, you know what you're eating."

The problem is, when you search for apple pie recipes online, you'll get more than 9 million results. So the food experts at Rodale have narrowed your choices down to one fabulous recipe for homemade apple pie anyone can make from scratch. (Too narrow? Peruse the advice in this article then check the Rodale Recipe Finder for more apple pie options.) To ensure your success, we asked Nichols for her most important apple pie tips.

Use these practical apple pie tips and our easy apple pie recipe to create a delicious organic apple pie.

• Pick the best apples. "It's about the apples and the crust," says Nichols. "Apple pie is actually simple to make, but it's all about the ingredients. You need to use the right type of apples."

Varieties good for pie baking include McIntosh, Granny Smith, Northern Spy, and Roman Beauty. Try a taste test if you're not sure. "Use a slightly tart apple, one that has some body so it will stay stable and compact during the baking," says Nichols. While Red Delicious apples are good for eating, they turn too mushy in pies.

Choose varieties that were grown with organic methods for pesticide-free flavor and a lower carbon footprint. If you want to grow organic apples at home, perfect apple pie apples with resistance to top apple diseases include Gold Rush and Enterprise varieties.

Published on: September 17, 2009
Updated on: September 16, 2011

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