home pest control for houseflies, fruit flies, silverfish, and spiders

The Nickel Pincher: Beat Back Household Bugs, Part 2

Don’t give indoor insects any quarter, but don’t use unhealthy chemicals to eliminate them.

By Jean Nick

The Nickel Pincher: Beat Back Household Bugs, Part 2

Sure, he may look cute. But he's leaving germs on your table.

RODALE NEWS, EMMAUS, PA—Last week I talked about controlling indoor ants, pantry pests, clothes moths, and cockroaches. To round out the conversation, I have some advice for handling a few more unwanted houseguests—without resorting to toxic chemicals or spending a fortune on anticritter equipment. First, a general principle: Sometimes the best way to manage an indoor pest involves simply waiting them out for a few days, perhaps combined with diligent squashing or vacuuming of the ones that come within reach. Flying ants, which appear once a year, are one example. If a pest presents a threat to your health, or experience tells you that it’s not likely to disappear on its own, that’s the time to mount an active but nontoxic offensive against them. So here some ecofriendly suggestions for dealing with persistent nuisances: houseflies, fruit flies, silverfish, and spiders (both the beneficial web-spinning kinds and the dangerous biting types).


Published on: June 11, 2009

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Your advice here is surely

Your advice here is surely professional but I would like some information on pest control pricing for the methods you describe here. Money is important when it comes to investing in a method that keeps the pests out. It must work 100% or close to that:))

how about wasps??

We just moved to a place that has lots of wasps in warmer weather, luckily Fall is approaching. I want to be prepared this coming Spring though! I have kids and we want to be able to enjoy being in our patio. Thanks!!

Flying Ants

The kind that eats wood. I read in the paper how to kill them but I lost the article. It was a natural way to kill them.


You'll find what you need in part one of my article. Click on "The Nickel Pincher: Beat Back Household Bugs" in the Related Articles box just above these comments.

What about the bloody A N T S????

So what can I do against the ant invasion - tiny little ants by the hundreds! ??

Pesky Flies

I recently learned of an old-fashioned way of keeping flies out of your house. Hanging a clear plastic bag of water beside an exterior door on the outside of your house will keep flies out of your house.

Don't ask why it works. I cannot answer that. I do, however, know it REALLY works!

Give it a try!

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