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The Best Gear for Your Pets: Harry Barker Bucket of Balls
The Best Gear for Your Pets: Imperial Recycled Cat Scratching Posts
The Best Gear for Your Pets: Eco-Me Pet Care
The Best Gear for Your Pets: Harry Barker Hemp Dog Bed
The Best Gear for Your Pets: Stella & Chewy's Carivore Kisses
The Best Gear for Your Pets: Cycle Dog Collars & Leads
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Harry Barker Bucket of Balls

For some dogs, fetch is the ultimate form of fun. What's not so appetizing is that many fetch toys that dogs carry around in their slobbery mouths contain toxic plastic chemicals and dyes. These toy balls are made entirely of natural latex rubber and covered in felt dyed with nontoxic inks. Balls are sold in packs of 10 and available in blue, red, green, and pink. The Harry Barker gift bucket is sold separately.

$20 for 10 balls and gift bucket;

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Imperial Recycled Cat Scratching Posts

There's nothing worse than a spiteful cat, so be sure to include a gift for kitty under the Christmas tree this season. Scratch 'N Shapes are the most eco-friendly, nontoxic way to embark on an SOS (Save Our Sofa!) campaign, says pet behavior and safety expert Arden Moore, founder of "Cats need to scratch—being like Feline Zorros, they like to leave their mark," Moore explains. She loves these cat scratchers because they are made of recycled content, printed with soy inks, and come in fun shapes that your cat won't just claw away on, but can also climb and nap upon. The product comes with certified organic catnip to sprinkle on the corrugated cardboard scratcher.


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Eco-Me Pet Care

Pets like to be pampered too! Most pet products are full of toxic flea repellants or the same questionable preservatives and synthetic fragrances littering human shampoos. The Eco-Me Pet Care line for both dogs (pictured here) and cats is devoid of all those harmful chemicals and made from things like vegetable glycerin soaps, aloe juice, white vinegar, and baking soda, scented with nothing but essential oils that are safe for pets. They even have a dry dog shampoo for wiggly puppies that won't stay in the bath and a cat clean spray for water-averse felines. Now available at Target!

$10 to $14;

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Harry Barker Hemp Dog Bed

The only thing cuter than this sustainable hemp dog bed is your fluffy-eared friend that will nap in it. Hemp is the perfect material for pet bedding because it's naturally mildew resistant, antifungal, and antibacterial. The hemp-and-cotton outer shell of these beds is removable for easy washing, and the fluff in the bed comes from recycled plastic bottles. Comes in natural, brown, blue, red, orange, and green.

$150 to $190;

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Stella & Chewy's Carivore Kisses

Dogs appreciate stocking stuffers, too, and here's a healthy option that's also a more responsible choice for the planet, too. You may already know the 12 fish you should never eat, but what about your pooch? For an omega-3-rich, sustainable option, opt for wild-caught Alaskan salmon treats. These treats are free of grain fillers, hormones, antibiotics, and artificial preservatives and coloring.


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Cycle Dog Collars & Leads

Take your dog for a walk and reduce landfill garbage effortlessly at the same time! Cycle dog collars and leashes are made using some of the millions of flat bicycle-tire tubes cyclists generate every year. Because bike tubes can't be recycled, they wind up in landfills where they never decompose. The leads and collars come in a wide variety of colors and sizes to suit any pup's style preferences, and after you buy one, pay it forward: The company accepts flat inner tubes from cycle shop owners, team leaders and individuals who'd rather see their tubes leading pooches than in a garbage heap.

$21 to $24;

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