health care reform that saves money

You Can Reform Your Own Health Care in 15 Minutes A Day

For all the debating being done by President Obama, legislators, and those loudmouths at town hall meetings, everyone’s overlooking the most powerful fix of all.

You Can Reform Your Own Health Care in 15 Minutes A Day

The health care debate might get somewhere if we all get moving.

RODALE NEWS, EMMAUS, PA—Pop quiz: How can you take health care reform into your own hands and cut costs without spending a dime, all in 15 minutes a day? If you answered, “get outside and take a walk,” you’d be dead on. Politics aside, finding a way to end obesity is the real key to the reform. A healthcare policy aimed at helping Americans stay at a healthy weight—and, especially, at preventing obesity in the first place—could transform the healthcare needs of America. But the concept of preventing health problems, rather than spending money on drug therapy and expensive diagnostic tests, is being largely ignored.

THE DETAILS: In an address given to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s first ever conference on obesity at the end of July, Health and Human Services secretary Kathleen Sebelius said that ending obesity would save the healthcare system 50 percent more money than curing cancer. Sebelius’s comments came on the heels of a CDC report finding that obesity costs the U.S. a mind-boggling $147 billion each year, and that obese people spend 42 percent more money on medical bills than healthy people do. Obesity leads to a seemingly endless list of chronic diseases—including heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and high blood pressure. And it’s those chronic diseases that are most likely to bankrupt you and drain whatever insurance plan you may be enrolled in. According to another study released in July, 62 percent of the bankruptcies filed in 2007 were due to medical bills. “Chronic illnesses are the most common and enormous of medical expenses,” says Meg Gaines, JD, director of the Center for Patient Partnerships at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, an independent agency that helps people navigate and understand the healthcare system. “Heart diseases are by far the most expensive and medically intense,” she says.

Given all that, it would seem logical that ending obesity should be a key strategy in any healthcare reform proposal. However, in the entire 1,000-page version of the healthcare reform bill presented recently by the House of Representatives, the words “obese” and “obesity” don’t appear once. Instead, legislators have endorsed funding for screenings and tests for cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and other conditions that are often caused by obesity. But these tests don’t prevent anything, says Erika Schwartz, MD, medical director for Cinergy Health, an insurance company that provides low-cost health insurance and one that is trying to redirect its focus to preventive care; they just catch those diseases in their earliest stages.


Published on: August 12, 2009

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All this debate on health care have come to be NOT about health care,NOT about health insurance,but about politics.Everyone, including providers and patients,need to be educated on rights and responsibilities.Health insurance is affordable if you know what and where to choose from.I have health insurance,visitors health insurance for when I travel and car insurance and I'm a normal person,like any other of the Americans.Yes,there are money spent but in my opinion they are money well spent.

Prices rise for health insurance

I have found that cqc standards packages have great prices for their services. I am very happy with my health care and my growing family's health care.

Health Care Reform - States declare they want to sue

I am NOT in favor of Washington saying they are "speaking for the people and the people don't want this." It is evident, by the behavior exhibited by most of the Republications, including John McCain (thank God he didn't get elected) that the REAL reason they don't want this bill passed is because they have a personal financial Conflict of Interest. HELLO! In any other corporate boardroom situation where a vote is required to move forward, one would be expected to be recused from the vote (if they are honest) when they had a Conflict of Interest, duh? Isn't this the most important "boardroom" in America? It is so evident that those states wishing to now "sue the government" also have a Conflict of Interest. By their actions, it appears the do NOT listen to the people, but rather to the lobbists! I'm tired of the country being held hostage while these two parties act like brats on the playground. Isn't it time they grew up and realized the job they have is to SUPPORT US, "We The People" hired them, let us (We The People) pass a bill that as their employer we can FIRE them for "inappropriate behavior in front of the nation", and "We The People" are tired of it!

It's Not What You are Called...It's What You Answer To!

I find it amazing that so many people have opinions as though they have ever read the 1200 pages of the Health Reform Act. Or better yet, read a synopsis from a reliable source. I work in Human Resources and run a wellness program.... the burden on the employer and the passive attitudes and sense of entitlement that employees and unions have are just fodder for the insurance and pharmacy companies...not to mention how people neglect condition control and is time for deal with it and embrace's time we all stop being victims to propaganda and wake up!

Poor Decision

It's a shame an organization such as Rodale that has served the American public so well over the years has now been taken over by those who care more about their own opinions and agendas than about the customers who have placed them in the financially advantageous position in which they find themselves in today's market.
But for many of us, this is the end of the trail.
You have lost me, Rodale, and many, many otheres.
Poor decision on your part, management.

loud mouths

My first reaction when I read the comment about "those loud mouths at town hall meetings" was shock. Really, Rodale - how tacky! I question whether you would have used the same derogatory term when referring to those who disrupt any conservative speaker (I could name a few) so they couldn't speak at public meetings and those who took to the street and destroyed property and hurt people during demonstrations against the war efforts and anything "Bush". Question: why should the government be in the business of health care anyway? They could regulate (ie: Tort reform, etc) but a complete takeover of what 83% of the people with health care insurance are happy with? Deal with the problems - not take over! The American people are angry!


I've enjoyed Rodale books, magazines, etc., for years. But you obviously don't care who you call "loudmouths."

I have and will continue to give my conservative opinions to my political leaders and to Rodale publishers.

It's so unfortunate that a company who supports self-reliance has a leftist political agenda that contradicts their own self-reliant audience.

Takes one to know one - LOUDMOUTH

Why are so many websites that promote organic and sustainable agriculture, subterfuge cheerleaders for the global warming and public health care agendas? I made the mistake of linking to articles for my Farmers Market report to some seemingly neutral sites, only to find out they were Democrat party fronts with incessant trashing of those who disagree with the Barney Franks, Ted Kennedys, Waxman and Dingell crowd. This is the same group of politicians who have set up small scale agriculture for regulation out of existence, a fact that RODALE seems to have totally missed. I guess that is because RODALE is dead and the people using his name are not on a garden or farm agenda, but a totalitarian state agenda.
One mor ecrack in this email, and it is out of my inbox.

loud mouths

I find it interesting that the President, and the legislators are addressed with respect in this article. Put the citizens of the United States of America are called loud mouths. This is the land of the free. We have the right to speak our piece. The people that the loud mouths are addressing are elected officials.
They were elected to represent the loud mouths. You might want to think about us loud mouths, the next time you get you pay check.


so, if you organize communities and critcize the right you are ok. But, if you hold a contrary viewpoint your a loudmouth. Please, stick with health advice in a fair way towards everyone, it is your expertise, not politics. thank you.

Medical Supply Costs...

As a retired R.N., I can say that medical supply company's prices are absolutely outrageous. Take a look at some of their balance sheets....Abbott Labs comes to mind. However, after working inside the medical establishment for over 20 years there are other guilty parties, too. Doctors that order unnecessary and duplicate tests and charge outrageous fees and refuse some Medicare patients are a large part of the problem. Pharmaceutical companies are raping the citizens of America (they spend millions on TV advertising instead of "research" as they are always claiming) and have hoards of lobbyists that are on double time in opposition to any health insurance reform. Then there is always the "I'm going to sue you whether you deserve it or not". These patients come to the hospital with a notebook and pen for notes so they can try and build a case against the medical staff and/or the hospital. Short-staffing of the medical staff is always done so that the hospitals can have a fatter bottom line and then patient care suffers and nursing staff quits in exhaustion and disgust. And then there are the huge corporate money-machine insurance companies that pick and choose who and what they are willing to insure and then charge exorbitant prices with huge deductibles. They have just about priced themselves out of business what with corporate America now saying, "Enough already. We can't pay these premiums for our employees when they go up and up and up. When Bush got elected I remember a told a friend of is the time to invest in insurance stocks. I was right. They are second only to oil companies in the profits they made from 2000 to the present.

Reform Your Own Health Care

I read from the previous comments that this topic has touched a few nerves! From my persective, I think the term "loudmouths" refers to people who "bulldoze" their ideas onto others and shout down other people's opinions, not people who speak up and are assertive about their feelings and opinions. And if "loudmouth" means this to Rodale Press, then count me as a "loudmouth", I am not offended by that - at least I speak out and am heard.

It is true about health care, the system is build to push pills and medical intervention; it's meant to make doctors and other health care providers rich. It does not actively promote althernate methods to cure or lessen such non-medical issues as obesity. Which, by the way, has only been recently viewed as a "disease". Before it was viewed if a person was obese (read fat) they were either lazy or had no will power; they should stop eating junk and get off their duffs and do something! How about that for stero-typing! The best non medical and low cost solution is exercise. Rodale Press is right about that. Even a few minutes a day to start will give you health benefits and a good start to the daily 30 minutes advocated for good health. So to lower your medical costs - invest in a pair of good shoes and get walking!


The list of products not to buy from them is long, which is good.
A list of items and subscriptions to avoid and terminate will be provided, as well as lists of businesses and individual rack jobbers to contact.


I believe this is referring to people who are disrupting what should be a reasonable and responsible debate. This country is built on protecting everyone's right to believe what they want. When people are screaming and referring to the president as a "nazi" while protected under the constitution, it only take away from a legitimate and productine debate of the FACTS. Unfortunately in this case the FACTS are being clouded over by lies and name calling. And sadly- loudmouths


I'm a long time customer of Rodale magazines and products and I really don't appreciate being called a "loudmouth" for speaking up for what I believe and hold dear. did you use the same wording when people were protesting Bush?

Am I allowed to hold a different opinion than you without being labeled with a derogatory name? Am I allowed to want health care reform without wanting THIS version that gives the government unprecedented power over my personal choices and freedoms?

I value Rodale greatly for the information you provide for health, fitness and nutrition, but please keep your political opinions to yourself.

Reduce Actual Medical Costs!

Instead of, or perhaps as well as, addressing medical care organization reforms, when is somebody going to address the outrageous actual medical costs? Never mind who pays, most medical procedure costs are hugely inflated. One hears of routine procedures costing TENS of thousands of dollars. It's just ridiculous and I haven't heard the first mention of addressing this problem. One contributing factor to these out-of-control costs is greedy, insane and ludicrous law suits against doctors, so they've had to take out monumentally high insurance policies. I'm British by the way, and we've had national health care since 1948 and it's working just fine; folks there complain about it of course, but they need to come and live here, where people can't afford to get sick!

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