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You—Yes, You—Are Endangered by Global Climate Change

Major report: A warming planet will endanger billions and is “the biggest global health threat of the 21st century.”

You—Yes, You—Are Endangered by Global Climate Change

Water shortages brought on by global warming will affect world food supplies, according to a new report.

WHAT IT MEANS: Climate change is happening, and we need to do what we can to cut emissions now, while we prepare and adapt for the changes to come. This can seem like an overwhelming task. But here are three key changes you can start with that will help put the brakes on global warming AND benefit your health:

• Cut back on meat, especially red meat. Farmers use about three-quarters of the world’s water supply. Droughts and extreme weather brought on by climate change will make water scarcer, which puts pressure on our food supply, according to the report. American or European diets require about 5,000 liters of water per person every day; African or Asian vegetarian diets use about 2,000 liters per person a day. Moving to a less meat-centric meal plan will help save an increasingly scarce resource. And it will help your health: Recent research found that those who eat more red meat and any processed meats don’t live as long as those who don’t. If you are reluctant to give up meat altogether, try designating at least one day a week as a “meatless” day. When you do buy red meat, buy grass-fed beef from a local farmer who doesn’t use hormones. Bonus: Lower meat production reduces the amount of greenhouse gases released by cows. (Yes, they release it in exactly the way you think they do.)


Published on: May 14, 2009

"Climate Change"

Mmm.. I think it is SOOOO funny that liberals changed the name from Global Warming to Climate Change.

Aren't most liberals also into evolution and "Survival of the Fittest"?

Save the polar bears, kill the baby humans instead!


While Antarctica’s West shelf is calving, the rest of Antartica's ice is getting thicker.


Global warming began 22,000 yrs ago after the peak of the last major ice age. We need to adapt; there is no Gorebal warming!

Global Warming Climate Change

I think Gary Covington and Ted Borawsky should do a little more research before discounting the report. Are they aware of the high concern about Antarctica’s West shelf and the concerns what the imminent open Arctic Ocean? Are they aware that massive damage to world reefs, that support a half billion peoples food supply. How about the fact that shell fish have lost 20% of their shell thickness? Are they aware of the rapid increase in people's health over the past half century? I'm referring to cancer, asthma, allergies, and a number of other 'diseases'. Are they aware that they are probably adding ONE TON of toxic gases a year from their car? (15,000 Kms.= ONE TON of pollution) I don't know how long it took for the world to go into the last ice age or mini ice age on what some people think is a 10,000 year cycle but I'll bet it didn't happen in a few centuries!

Doom and Gloom sells

I'm sorry, but this whole story is quite vague and seems to be just a lot of, air. It states that the report by The Lancet "summarizes a mind-boggling amount of data", but their conclusion is that climate disruptions...I guess that's the new term for Mother Nature may POSSIBLY lead to “abrupt, severe, and irreversible changes in climate.” But they're not too sure. The authors call climate change the biggest health threat we will face this century....not cancer, not fake food loaded with fat, sugar, and chemicals, not billions of people having baby after baby even though they don't have food, water, toilets, or shelter. AIDS and other diseases aren't that serious, our biggest problem is that the temperature MAY POSSIBLY rise 2 degrees in the next hundred years...and may not. Yes this possibility is “profoundly disturbing and demands action.”

I agree pollution is a problem, and we need solutions, but a lot of companies and power plants etc. are allowed to continue belching massive amounts of crap into the air and water, but my lawn mower comes under attack. Get real. The study says that if I quit eating meat, we can avoid the catastrophic end of the world. Are these people snorting exhaust fumes? The study states that us meat eaters require 3000 more liters of water per person per day than vegetarian societies. I'm sure all that water use has NOTHING to do with the fact that we have flushing toilets, bath tubs big enough for 3 people, that we take long showers, wash millions of cars every day and water our lawns daily so they're nice and green, wash dishes and clothes etc. while millions if not billions of those people in Africa and Asia have none of that. Oh yeah..and all those cows are producing vast amounts of "greenhouse gases". Again, isn't that called...nature?

As usual, most people choose to ignore history. Stuff happens, it's an ever-changing planet. Who do the environmentalists blame for the Ice Age or the climate changes that caused the demise of the dinosaurs? I'm pretty sure it wasn't Fred Flintstones car, it was foot-powered. A lot of present day land used to be underwater, now it's not. If that change hadn't occurred where would we be living today? Everything changes...even the weather. I'm sure most of the people trying to save us from ourselves also believe in evolution..well, how about chalking this one up to the evolution of the planet and our need to evolve to handle it?

Climate Change

Before the panic starts, please keep in mind that climate change is a nautual process to which this planet has been subjected since its coalescence. Man's influence is part of that natural system, but the planet and its ecosystems are perfectly capable of making the necessary adjustments as they have in the past to accomodate the changes. Further, the entire premise of "destructive climate change" is nonsense and it should be remembered that all discussed changes have not yet occurred and are based on projections using primitive numerical models, which return non-unique results and are entirely subject to the intial input and current algorithms. Make no mistake, we need to pay attention and we may need to take some actions, but a state of panic is not justified.

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