easy homemade ice cream

5 Cool Recipes for Easy Homemade Ice Cream, Gelato, and Frozen Yogurt

Beat the summer heat with homemade frozen delights such as Easy Cocoa Ice Cream, Basic Gelato, or Sour Cream Ice Cream with Crushed Berries and Basil.

By Amy Ahlberg

5 Cool Recipes for Easy Homemade Ice Cream, Gelato, and Frozen Yogurt

Summertime peaches are perfection in this frozen yogurt.

RODALE NEWS, EMMAUS, PA—Ah, ice cream. The lovely frozen concoction made from dairy, sugar, and various flavorings. It’s a summertime staple in freezers across America. However, what you’ll usually find in those freezers are packaged versions that often are expensive, are made with artificial flavors and colors, and are not organic. Clearly, there's a much better alternative: homemade. All you need are a few easy homemade ice cream, gelato, and frozen yogurt recipes and you can create delicious frozen treats that are made with fresh, healthy, organic, locally sourced ingredients.

Ice cream styles vary, and it’s great fun to try the different types. For example, you can choose a milky, delicately textured Philadelphia-style ice cream made with cream and sugar (this type really allows the flavorings to shine through). Or there’s the even richer, custardlike version that’s made with eggs. Alternatively, you can use a recipe for a sublime Italian gelato, using milk rather than cream. Finally, there’s quick and easy frozen yogurt, a lower-calorie treat.

Before you take on our easy homeade ice cream recipes, you’ll need to assemble the tools of the trade, which involves some up-front cost but will save you plenty down the road. Methods vary. One option is a double-walled, nonmotorized ice cream maker that you keep in your freezer. With this maker, you pour your ice cream mixture into the prechilled container and stir every five to 10 minutes. In about 20 minutes, your ice cream will be ready to enjoy.

You can also use a self-churning ice cream machine with an insert that you freeze ahead of time, or a more expensive self-churning version that has the freezing element built in. Or, if you’re looking to do it the old-fashioned way, you can buy a hand-cranked ice cream maker: With these old-style makers, the ice cream mixture goes into the center container while the outside gets packed with ice and rock salt. Your job is to crank away. Finally, there’s a Play and Freeze Ice Cream Maker on the market, which is a ball you roll or toss to a companion for about 20 minutes until the ice cream inside is churned.

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Published on: August 10, 2010

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