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7 Key Trends That Will Affect Your Health, and the Health of the Planet

Earth Day isn't just about the earth, it's about us, too. Here are seven important ways that global environmental trends will affect us all by the time next Earth Day rolls around.

RODALE NEWS, EMMAUS, PA, PLANET EARTH—Whether you spend Earth Day planning an organic garden, foraging for invasive species to cook, or having fun at a festival or volunteer event, it's a good reminder to appreciate and enjoy what the natural world has to offer. But it's also appropriate to think about the ways that we—and the choices we make every day—are connected to the planet we live on.

A big part of that connection relates to our health, and on we spend a big chunk of our time talking about how the health of our planet and our own personal health—and the health of our families—are intertwined. And looking forward, it seems to us that the coming year holds both great promise and great challenges for nurturing and protecting those connections. Here are the seven biggest trends we're watching that are likely to affect the way all of us live healthy on a healthy planet, and the ways that you can take action to ensure a healthy future.

1: Higher food prices.

2: Natural gas fracking.

3: Hormone disruptors and obesogens.

4: Budget deficits and subsidy cuts.

5: Food shortage fears.

6: GMOs.

7: Healthy, ecofriendly, green, and local products.

Published on: April 20, 2011
Updated on: July 26, 2011

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