consequences of global warming

5 Drastic Consequences of Global Warming—and 10 Ways to Stop It

A government report drives home the consequences of global warming, and shows it’s not too late to act.

5 Drastic Consequences of Global Warming—and 10 Ways to Stop It

A new report says climate change could bring about widespread flooding--unless we take action soon.

RODALE NEWS, EMMAUS, PA—Yesterday, a team of 28 climate scientists from U.S. government agencies, universities, and independent research institutions released a comprehensive report detailing how climate change will affect, and has already begun to affect, the health and economic and social well-being of the United States.

THE DETAILS: This report was published by the government’s U.S. Global Change Research Program, and is a compilation of the most up-to-date research available on global warming. The report confirms previous findings that rising temperatures are a result of human activity, and it highlights some of the problems associated with global warming that we’re already beginning to see in many parts of the country: prolonged droughts, more intense heat waves, and more severe weather events like floods.

Here are a few of the report’s other findings:

• Extreme heat waves will not only affect human health, but also transportation and energy systems, as well as crop and livestock production.

• Increased heavy downpours will lead to increased flooding, and they’ll speed up snow melt, which impacts levels and availability of drinking water in the western and southwestern U.S.

• Rising water temperatures and ocean acidification threaten coral reefs and the rich ecosystems they support, adversely affecting the tourism and seafood industries.

• Insect infestations and wildfires are already increasing and are projected to increase further in a warming climate.

• Local sea-level rise of more than three feet, on top of storm surges, will increasingly threaten homes and other coastal infrastructure. Coastal flooding will become more frequent and severe, and coastal land will increasingly be lost to the rising seas.

The scientists also used computer modeling to compare the long-term effects of climate change if we take immediate action to curb our nation’s greenhouse-gas emissions versus if we continue with business as usual. They found that we could significantly moderate rising temperatures and increasing precipitation if we take steps now to cut down on pollution and greenhouse gases.

“Implementing sizable and sustained reductions in carbon dioxide emissions as soon as possible would significantly reduce the pace and the overall amount of climate change,” the authors write, “and would be more effective than reductions of the same size initiated later.”

In a press conference announcing the report, Donald Wuebbles, PhD, one the report’s authors, said, “I remain optimistic that we can do something about this. We do need to act sooner rather than later because we want to avoid the worst changes, looking at these projections. We can do something about it, but we do need to act soon.”


Published on: June 17, 2009

the laptop cooling effect is

the laptop cooling effect is good, but the noise is too large, while airflow easily lead to confusion, resulting in coverage is not in place, this is a disadvantage compared to big fan.

Warming of the climate system

Warming of the climate system is unequivocal, and scientists are more than 90% certain most of it is caused by increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases produced by human activities such as deforestation and burning fossil fuels. -Any Lab Test Now Franchise

Global Warming

I have one question no one has been able to answer for me. There was an ice age. What were humans doing then to cause the global warming that ended it?

global warming is happening and humans need to act

We know, from our history, that companies and the private market will not take measures to truly curve emissions unless they are regulated to do so. More regulations are necessary and leadership from the federal goverment at this critical time is key. I applaud the federal government for their efforts and urge them to do even more to attempt to shift our emphasis to cleaner energy sources and putting a tight cap on emissions, for example. Based on the science and the models available, I also urge them to do more--we have known since the 80's of this problem - we have waited long enough. Educated families all over the nation finally recognize the implications of climate change - for our children's sake we can no longer sit on our hands or use false arguments created by the fossil fuel industry and the scientists they have paid off.

The changes we need to make on fuel efficient cars etc need to come from the federal government and from strengthened federal regulations. States can also adopt strong regulations and it is good to see after a lapse in using science, that the EPA and other federal agencies once again use valid science to inform policy.

It is no longer acceptable to use the economy as an excuse to do nothing--and if anything, the innovation that the federal government is proposing will help companies move into a green age that will benefit our economy and take us away from short-term thinking.

Human Cause for Global Warming

I forgot on my earlier comment to say that some of the crazy legislation that Congress is considering will bankrupt our nation and our citizens. The Federal government is trying to intervene and dictate too much to the individual states. This is not right. Stand up for State's rights and their jurisdiction over their own resources. One more thought, Obama is also trying to force the carmakers to make even lighter vehicles which will in turn make them very UNSAFE!! I would rather have a heavier, SAFER car than better gas mileage!! My family is more important to me than Obama's whacked view of global warming and gas mileage, etc.

Humans are Causing Global Warming

Global Warming and Global cooling are cyclic. Many scientists do not buy into this human caused idea for the majority of it. The earth's relationship with the Sun and the natural components of the earth which give off carbon dioxide are the major contributors. I am rethinking my subscription to your newsletter and to buying anything from Rodale again because you are obviously becoming a kool-aid drinker of the radicals and liberals out there.

Not really sure

I have watched the debate and still have not been convinced that global warming has been influenced by human activity. To say that a small percentage of the warming trend that we saw starting sometime in the 70s I can believe, but to say the majority of it is due to our burning of carbon based fuels does not sound creditable.

The Earth was much warmer in the past and will be again, both without our assistance. It would be better to find ways to adapt to these trends as they happen and not just jump on trying to mitigate small percentages of the trend.

for real change contact your senators and representatives

Doing all these things at the individual level is geat and important but significant changes are not going to be made until congress and the administration is forced to sign a real energy bill with standards for pollution from greenhouse gases at much lower leves than they currently are at. Legislation will force companies otherwise not willing to comply with lower greenhouse emissions standards to do their part, just like everyone else is trying to do!

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