clarcon hand sanitizer recall

Tainted Hand Lotions and Sanitizers Recalled

Clarcon brand skin products contain dangerous levels of bacteria and should not be used, the FDA warns.

Tainted Hand Lotions and Sanitizers Recalled

Clarcon hand sanitizers are tainted by bacteria. But soap and water work just fine.

RODALE NEWS, EMMAUS, PA—In a bit of an ironic twist, a company that manufactures hand sanitizers has recalled several products due to bacterial contamination. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says no one should use any products made by the company Clarcon. The results of their inspection are particularly troubling because the products are marketed as antimicrobial agents that claim to treat open wounds and damaged skin, and to protect against certain infectious diseases.

THE DETAILS: Utah-based Clarcon Biological Chemistry Laboratory Inc. is voluntarily recalling skin sanitizers and skin protectors marketed under several different brand and product names (see below) after an FDA inspection found high levels of disease-causing bacteria in the products. The FDA says this type of contamination is often associated with unsanitary conditions, and urges consumers to stop using all Clarcon products and to throw them away.

The recalled products include:
Citrushield Lotion
Dermasentials DermaBarrier
Dermassentials by Clarcon Antimicrobial Hand Sanitizer
Iron Fist Barrier Hand Treatment
Skin Shield Restaurant
Skin Shield Industrial
Skin Shield Beauty Salon Lotion
Total Skin Care Beauty
Total Skin Care Work

Some of the bacteria detected in the products can cause infections of the skin and underlying tissues that could require medicine or surgery to treat. The FDA says the bacterial infections associated with the products could cause permanent damage.

Doctors, nurses, and consumers should report side effects stemming from product use to the FDA’s MedWatch Adverse Event Reporting program by calling 800-FDA-1088, or faxing 800-FDA-0178. You can also file a report online or mail in a completed form.

WHAT IT MEANS: Several studies have found that washing your hands in warm water with regular soap is just as effective as using antimicrobial soaps and sanitizers; plus, it’s a lot cheaper. Some antimicrobial products contain triclosan, a chemical that is toxic to aquatic life and even mutates male frogs into having female characteristics because of its estrogenlike properties. Researchers also believe triclosan can interfere with human thyroid function. So skip the chemicals and use good old-fashioned castile-based soap and warm water to knock out germs.


Published on: June 9, 2009

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good hand

soap has no germ killing qualities just makes your hands slippery so germs slide off hopefully .. use a good hand sanitizer.


Hand-washing liquid is normal for up to five applications, then people need to wash your hands. Obviously, if we need to wash hands dirty.


Use soap & water whenever possible. Sanitizers work for me as a health professional in the field when access is not available to wash your hands. You can always make your own.

bad products and doctors assumption

what upset me is "when one goes for a doctor's visit with a flu, and that flu becomes a pneumonia or a bacterial infection or one catches a microbe at a doctor's office knob door and the doctor pretend to say this is the person's disease that make him/her sick while the hand sanitizer doesn't protect the patient."

RE-hand sanitizers

hospitals used hand sanitizers so that patients can pay for them. They know they don't work, but they don't care. Really some of them cause skin to be rough after using them. The recall is fair.

I hope they don't send them to third world countries.

These people make me sick of their actions.

Wilma, propofol/diprivan, an anesthetic, is detrimental to health and after 2 years of complaints and before Michael Jackson's death, this anesthetic is still harming people with hypotention, bradycardia, edema, cerebral depression, respiratory distress and failure, cardiac arrest, and respiratory arrest today.

People died of cardiac arrest every minute and their families don't know if propofol/diprivan is the culprit. FDA knows that this anesthetic is deadly, but keeping it in the market will add more green dollars to their pockets.

Why do some people don't want health care reform today? they want to protect their interests.

Anyways, I use hand sanitzer only when I am in public or hospital. warm water with soap is the best way to go.


No wonder why there are so many hospitals acquired infection in addition to some hospitals to not providing deodorizers to wash floors. these people really are scary. what can we do. FDA approves these products and I believe this is partly its fault.

Thank god they recall them, but FDA needs to initiate a class I recall of the propofol/diprivan as well-the anesthetic that has the history to kill many people from 2007-2009(until Michael Jackson's, the singer, accidental death.

Using these hand sanitizers in inpatient setting, one can become sicker up to the point to perform a procedure that may require the use of propofol/diprivan and died.

Missed Point

I find it rather shocking no one mentioned the fact using products with all these chemicals is destroying our environment. Yes wash your hands and if you feel that the sanitizers work wonders great, but in a few years maybe decades what will be left on our home, earth? We need to start thinking beyond ourselves.

Arbonne....are you joking

Arbonne? How can that be? They contain perservatives, parabens etc. I would suggest the Organic Products from "One Group"
They are the real deal.

hand sanitizer

ifound out that hand sanitizer purell works wonders on mosquito bites. actually it was my six year old son. he was placing purell on his back when i walked in and asked what he was doing. he said 'this makes the moquito bites feel better.' i didn't say anything thing that if he believes it all the better. after reading other comments i finally believe my boy. it works and travis is still getting relief after every bight.

Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizers should not be used in place of handwashing. In fact, it is BEST to wash your hands with soap and water - as hand sanitizers kill bad AND GOOD bacteria that you have on your hands. hands feel much better after soap and water anyway! Also - SOME bacteria is good for your body to maintain to maintain a healthy immune system.

reply to purell

I know, it's all I ever use, aside from still using soap and water regularly, and it really does help cuts and mosquito bites. I have learned that especially this summer. It has never gotten me sick no cut or scratch or anything has ever become infected. A good rule of thumb is never compromise quality for less money on anything you would put on or in your body.

hand sanitizer

Purell is by far the best and it is also tested under very strict FDA guidlines, This is also the manufacturers (GOJO) company policy for all it's products.

hand sanitizers & the self centered folks

I couldn't agree more. Too many people are far too concerned with this, and I credit the fear mongers, those people who have something to gain by fostering this junk.

hand sanitizers

Hand sanitizer is okay up to five applications and then one needs to wash their hands. If hands are obviously soiled then one needs to wash them.

The answer is . . .

NO! While some companies will work with the FDA, this industry is NOT regulated by the FDA.

That is why it is imperative for each individual to know what's in their personal care products. There are many concerns about toxins in personal care products. Check out EWG's 10 Americans videos on You Tube.

Arbonne International is one of the companies that formulates its product lines to help people protect and improve their well being.

Feel free to contact me for information on these pure, safe and beneficial products.


Hand sanitizer works great to take the itch away from mosquito bites and cat scratches.It provides instant relief- Give it a try.

Hand Sanitizers

What are comsumers to do?
Does the FDA test and evaluate the formulation of products before they are manufactured and released for public consumption? Is post manufacturing tests done to ensure that user safety standards are maintained so as to ensure comsumer health? Quite frankly I am worried and confused about the number of recalls after consumers have spent their moneys and suffered.
Who are we to trust? How can we know what is safe?
Please assure us!!!!!!
Harry, Jamaica

Clean hands are important!

You say that this is not important..........However, when you get sick next time you eat out, you'll sure wish that they had soap/water or a hand sanitizer that wasn't contaminated! Entire restaurants/factories get shut down due to this type of negligence, leaving our own unemployed families in poverty. Reality check!


have you ever left a bar of soap on the bottom of a dirty shower for a day? come back and it's all clean underneath.

It probably depends on the soap though.

Self Centered but CLEAN folks.

Other peoples povery should have no effect on whether you wash your hands or not. What people need to be concerned about is keeping yourself AND others healthy by washing your hands with soap or sanitizer whenever psooible because if you are sick or dead then you can't help anyone....especially the poverish. They have enough problems with out catching germs and diseases from your nasty hands.

hand sanitizers

I think hand sanitizers are just fine, it shouldn't be a problem when it comes to their smell because i've used plenty of sanitizers that smell great. a lot of soaps dry your hands, so when you leave the bathroom and wash your hands you return the the dinner table with ashy hands. i'd rather use a sanitizer. get with the new school, things change and are changing for a reason.


I totally agree, comon sense can go along way, if you use it. No need to put a scare into folks. Heck, everything is cancerious and the air is palluted, so use the good brains God gave you, however few, and keep yourself healthy and away from crowds. Alot of praying helps put those brains in action.

hand sanitizers & the self centered folks

with all the war and poverty going on in our world, does it really matter? Seriously! THIS is what is important to you? people are way too self absorbed & "washing their hands" to see they need to PAY ATTENTION TO SOMETHING OR SOMEONE ELSE THAT IS FAR MORE IMPORTANT THAT THIS CRAP!

re: sanitizers

Actually, bar soap if not properly placed on a tray that drains all moisture from the bar after use can breed far more bacteria than I'm sure those bottles of sanitizer have in them. I also believe in a happy medium of both. I try not to overuse "germ killing" things at home as it simply creates superbugs and weakens immune systems. However, some germs and bacteria people are exposed to call for a little more than some non-antibacterial hand soap. I agree there needs to be a LOT less emphasis placed on it in society or MRSA and the like will be the least of our worries before long. As the saying goes, a little common sense goes a long way.

Germ Killing

The key to the debate is killing germs. The alcohol kills the germ but does not "clean" your hands . Plain soap washes germs off making your hands "clean" but does not kill the germs. I do not care that the germ goes down the drain alive if they aren't on my hands and my hands are "clean". Both have their place in good hand hygine. Sanitizers are meant to used in between good hand washing, not in place of.

hand sanitizers

Why do hospitals use hand sanitizers, then, if they are unnecessary and inefective?

hand soap

I agree things are best left unchanged. Why fix it if it is not broken? This is our home phylosophy. I have three 1 year olds and a 6 year old whom I have used hand sanitizers with and I did not like the smell nor the alcohol. It is way too strong for an adult even.
We should all go back to the good old days with natural diseases and natural chemicals that we all use, we were fine until everyone got gready!


What has been proven is that there is a hand sanitizer that has disease causing bacteria. I have never heard of regular soap having this problem and its worked fine for hundreds of years. some things truly are best left simple and unchanged.

hand sanitizers

not true that soap and water are just as effective it has been proven that a 62% alcohol solution in a hand sanitizer is much more effective in killing germs . soap has no germ killing qualities just makes your hands slippery so germs slide off hopefully .. use a good hand sanitizer!!

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