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You Can Do It: The No-Excuses Guide to Biking to Work

It's Bike to Work Week. Check out these tips from the experts at Bicycling magazine, and you'll find that commuting by bicycle is easier and more enjoyable than you think.

RODALE NEWS, EMMAUS, PA—May marks Bike Month, with this year's National Bike to Work Week kicking off today. That might not mean much to you if you spend your daily commute within the air-conditioned confines of a vehicle sipping coffee, but before you make up some lame excuse about how biking to work is a nice concept, but would never work for your situation, read on.

First, consider the benefits of a bicycle-based commute. If you bike to work, you won't only burn off last evening's excess calories, but you'll also be able to carve out more "me" time, reduce air pollution, and save money on gas. (Seriously, don’t we all want to cut back on energy use after the Gulf oil spill disaster?) And whether it's the threat of sweat or a long commute that seems like a bike commute barrier, a few expert tips may convince you that commuting by bicycle is easier than you think. Bicycling magazine's Deb Cosgrove offers these easy routes around common bike-commuting excuses.

There's no place to park.
If you have to lock your bike out on the street you can pair a U-lock with a chain and padlock. Your bike will be unattractive to thieves because they'll need several tools to break the lock combo. But first, make sure there really isn't a secure indoor location you can use. Your employer may have a closet or storeroom that fits the bill.

I don't want to be sweaty at work.
Cosgrove says the sweat factor is generally overrated. "If you showered before leaving, you should be fine," she says. If there are no showers available at your workplace, keep baby wipes and deodorant at work to freshen up if you need to.

It takes too much time.
Depending on the length of the trip, your bike commute could actually save you time, Cosgrove says. "Transportation groups have done studies that show commuting by bike to work under 3 miles is actually faster than by car," she say. Trips of 5 to 7 miles take about the same time as driving. And keep in mind that your commute counts as exercise, freeing up time in the evenings and weekends for other things.


Published on: May 17, 2010

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This advice was very helpful

This advice was very helpful for me. Thank's a lot. I'm form Kirovograd, Ukraine and we have a real problem with healthy life i my country. I need to drive from my apartment over half an hour just to get some naturalyy-grown food. I wish good luck to this web-site's time and more interesting and what more important- useful topics for us all) Regards, Short rentals

The biggest problem of biking

The biggest problem of biking right to my work is that I don't have any special place for bikes near my office. I can't just leave my bike on the street :(
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If you stick to bike lanes or

If you stick to bike lanes or low traffic streets, it’s really not so bad out there. I am not saying that all of the roads are comfortable to bike on, but you might be surprised by how you feel once you try it. And this is really why getDowntown is here! If you are not sure which bike route you should try or would like some pointers on biking to work, let us know. We’d love to help out! I’ve been biking to work year ’round since 2001 in places like Washington D.C., Madison, WI and here in Ann Arbor. And I’ve never been in an accident.

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but in Romania, if you want to go at work with bike is a dangerous thing :)

Biking to work

I really wish I could ride my bike to work, but it's just impossible I'm afraid. The distance is too big for a bike ride, so unless I find a new job closer to home, I don't see any other solution.
פרסום מודעות חינם

Bike for health

I believe the bike is a good way to be health, comparing with the car. The blood is more faster and the effects to the body are beneficial. Mike from web site design

Benefits of cycling

Bicycling can be one of most pleasant ways to commute to work.Rather than creating stress while driving to work, the exercise actually relieves stress. Cycling a lot of fun but can completely work the body..Fitness, improved health, and cleaner urban environments are benefits of cycling.


You can carry even more groceries if you buy a set of front panniers as well. If you live in a city you can put your bicycle on a bus rack. It was a little mean to throw that guys car keys though.

I can only wish

Two points:

First, many roads are just terrible for biking. A two-mile stretch of my six-mile commute involves very narrow, very hilly two-lane roads, with no sidewalks or curbs, and which have heavy traffic near rush hours. There is no way on earth I would ever ride a bike on those roads, and the only alternatives would take me miles out of the way and are only marginally safer.

Second, my six mile commute takes 15 minutes door to door by car. I have no idea how you think one could match that on a bike.

Bicycle commuting can be great (I rode almost every day when I lived in Japan), but the infrastructure here makes it unfeasible for most people most of the time.

@ Susyn

See the first tip on page 2 of this can still work a bike ride into your long commute.

Bike to Work

This would be great; and I would bike to work, but we have a 60 mile commute each way. It just isn't possible where we live.

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